I do not know if you recognize the vibes in the atmosphere today, the resounding waves of youth engagement in the East African Community amidst these walls, calling our ears to the attention to the tune of regional integration. I invite you on a musical journey simply because where words fail, truly music speaks.

The rhythm varies on this journey as we gather not ;I repeat not ,in honor of the gentlemen with bow-ties, wearing fancy suits and shiny leather shoes or the ladies clad in office apparel with hair laid back in puffs from East African Legislative Assembly, The East Africa Business council and respective protocol. We gather here in honor of boys and girls in school uniforms, singing favorite nursery rhymes similar to the tune of ‘’jumuiya yetu sote tulinde’ ’in honour of lads and lasses clad in jeans and sneakers ,who join in the chorus leaving no room for rink dink songs. They are seated in this room today and I gladly will take a bow for them. They, that dare to challenge the status quo of a combined base of 5 East African Community partner states that echoes sovereignty vis a vis political will: to up the ante, of economic benefits, enjoy economies of scale as well as comparative advantage to leave us dancing to the beats of driving economic growth, peaceful co existence and enhance a democratic space with wide ethnicity.

As they keys change, a new song will be birthed for this people centered region with the youth taking center stage. But could this simply turn into a musical prodigy or for better lack of words a fiasco? The experts invite us as youth to be the change that we want to see by following their line of trajectory regarding basic propaganda. The reality is regional integration is widening and deepening world over for economic survival reasons. Could we as a region, be endangering our very own people by empowering these change makers or provoke these doomsday representatives that just may land us back into a chapter of collapse in 1977? I am pretty sure that rings a bell, a situation of greed and political shortsightedness as well as differences in political ideologies in the midst of respective leaders creating an impact of political destabilization before its revival on30th November 1999. History repeats itself, the proficient naysayers hum, I am no expert myself but my viewpoint is never to consult my fears such as a possibility of a re-collapse but to step out in faith and get lost in the vast potential; of a youthful region where my legs shuffle to the beats of sovereign equality and mutual benefit, leaving us on the dance floor begging for more after the creation of a customs union, common market, monetary union and political federation by the experts as we scream out a huge applause. What comes after these effortless stages will be an original masterpiece sang by the youth; it will be pleasant to hear it sang as the East African Community anthem someday after today. I hope you will all join in the symphony of its musical tune.



  1. Dacy Keirungi

    I think you are blessed…scratch that..i know you are blessed. Destined for even greater things.

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