A Psalm of Praise

He leaves the ninety nine look for the one.
I ran away from Him and He looks for me to throw a party where my cup overflows.
I feel imperfect but He scrubs it all away to leave me guilt free,
Giving me a snow white life,’
Handing me a clean bill of health and wealth,
Creating a fresh chapter for me amidst life’s bustle and hustle,
In love, He sends me out as a sheep among wolves. I learn from Him, He is the Lion and the lamb. (A great paradox). He meets me more than half way. I’m learning to place a trust in Him that craves no human form among my fellow men. The message Bible in the eleventh chapter asserts
‘’the fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God in this faith is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It is our hand on what we cannot see
My heart bursts its banks, spilling cascading streams of living water he offers me that I should never thirst. This is me attempting to shape out the course of the river to pour out my heart.
He claims my heart, to keep it clean from all defiling taint of sin
He claims my will that I may prove how swift obedience answers love.
(A popular hymn whose title am yet to learn)
In a nutshell, here is the 6th verse of psalm thirty six
God’s love is meteoric
His loyalty atomic
His purpose titanic,
His verdict oceanic,
Yet in His largeness nothing gets lost.


  1. Dasha Banga

    Justified Ecstasy this is lovely😍😍
    May He continue to enlarge your vocabulary for the glory of His name🙌

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