The date was Saturday 20th February 2016 when Uganda decided that the gentleman who was president the previous week should continue to lead us on as a nation, the next week and the following five years.(according to the electoral commission).

You can call me crazy for exercising my civic duty and expecting a different outcome. This anonymous quote is right on cue about how I feet in the moment of many unexplained ambiguities,’’ my heart bleeds but my mouth is silent.’’
I want some peace and quiet. (Have you ever experienced mental disturbia? It looks a lot like this.)My thoughts are scattered all over the place and I cannot help but spill my guts. The man from the bush; the one who (PS;this is the guy our fathers are telling some of us stories that their fathers told them about) is the incumbent president.
It is exactly a week since this static change in power in Uganda’s democratic space. Some Ugandans are overwhelmed while others are underwhelmed.

Before I continue, I would like to shout out to those self appointed prophets of doom (gyemuli/murigye). They cashed in considerable sums of per-mediated bloodshed into their bank counts and were running on credit for their patriotism. I really thank God peace has prevailed through this one week and in the years to come (join in on this our national prayer.)
I know not what has revolutionized so far but my hopes are in full gear that as the president appoints people in the public service, the old country men will be shown the exit. (Doing things repeatedly in the same manner and hoping they outcome will be different clearly spells out insanity)I hope the majority youth of this country occupy these offices to cause the much needed change we need to see in Uganda. (Bravo! to these legends in their own making)
Uganda’s image has been dubbed with alleged rigging of votes in major elections and also is a tainted image of old photogenic countrymen dominating the democratic space .this leaves us questioning what kind of governance have credited our confidence in?
In your mind’s eye picture these scenarios,
DISCLAIMER; I am only exercising my constitutional right of freedom of speech. Many of the views expressed here are based on what the media houses have publicized throughout the entire week.
It looks like the demi gods are back to stay. They s are popular for their controlling and shrewd traits. This time they are back in form of the police. This dissatisfying task force of the country, decided to arrest Ugandans who paid Besigye who conceded defeat to His Excellency Y.K.Museveni. (Imagine he was put under preventive arrest and they refuse to own up for their actions) .It should be noted Besigye came second in the race for the being the President of Uganda. He is also labeled as president of the people (the people of Rukungiri, Kasese, Kampala and other districts)
(Where is Olivia Pope amidst all this scandal?). So anyway I’m appalled by how this neighbourhood bully that has been affirmative in the action of unlawfully arresting citizens for what sounds more like lame excuses other than sound reasons.It clearly is a scape goat. They have been enjoying passive leisure and are still getting paid substantial amounts of money from the taxes collected from us (I have never calmly accepted the notion of people stealing from me)
I am patriotic Ugandan concerned for her country and my knowledge on politics is still undersized.(I pay undivided attention as I aspire to be the First lady of this great nation one day). In this stratosphere ,there is a silver lining in the cloud and below it, is a ray of hope for us Ugandans,
This is a chapter in our story and not the end. Our hope for much needed change is not entirely determined by the ballot paper we cast.it is actually beyond our political situation.
It has been one long week since the big election. (I cannot break it all do without your help)
The point is the glass must remain half full as we trek a journey of endurance (I personally am learning more about this.) Remain in a posture of hope for change. If you have time to complain and whine about something, you have time to change to change something about it. (For instance choose peace)
Barbara Hoffman asserts, ‘’stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.’’(In this case it is another five year journey we are embarking.
Peace can be attained when power of love replaces love for power.


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