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What separates men from boys is that inner man™-Paul Busharizi
Connecting this to the fashion world revolves around the great sense of simplicity inspired with in the inner man that spills its way on the outside of man’s clothing. Greatness is a daily endeavor of such a man and his confidence is the size of Africa.His clothing speaks loud volumes he walks into a room without him actually uttering a single word.Being a trendsetter, enables one to no less is more and more is less.
This grand opportunity is handed over to a man wears a hex tie.

Our fashion focus is centered on this exquisite art apparel.It has been inspired by honeycombs crafted by bees.It is carefully designed just like the spaces between the honey comb.It is a formidable blend of retro old fashion with a modern style
This attire is definitely designed for a gentleman who dares to make a bold statement that leaves people begging for more in terms of his apparel. Kill that ordinary look as you stroll into that business meeting, wedding party, prom or any formal gathering. As a lady, trust my word on how this is a great conversion starter. You can get it as an acrylic tie, a gold plated version or the honeycomb black. You are also guaranteed of a simple remarkable look such that when you walk like a god clad in it ,your goddess will come marching to you.(give me feedback when you get one for yourself)

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