life lessons taught in a mathematics class

I am m passionate when it comes to learn new skills such as the critical skill of problem solving. I learnt this best in my college days (literally one year ago but one day my classmates and I will glance at this and perhaps two decades might have passed by)
The popular opinion about math problems is about solving for Edward (the professor for math who doubled as my class teacher) challenged the status quo.

In a booming voice: he’d open us off with a heart felt prayer, maliciously hand out a mathematics test while throwing catchy phrases to play with our mental faculties. He taught the first lesson; prepare prayerfully. I will admit the lessons majorly centered on teamwork and team building. We grasped that no man is an island with Edward playing the role of coach. Our team name (was) is The Big Eye. We started out as coal in the rough but through the vast experiences and high pressures we embarked on the journey to become the diamonds that we are (no pressure, no diamonds)
Our current status is unending success under construction; we will dig in our heels and like our motto says we NEVER GIVE UP.
(to the math class of 2015 I refuse to say 6 c ians, I will not disclose names as I take great delight in seeing you map out your very own colleges, yes that is my fashion,*wink)
One phrase repeatedly said by one miss taught us to choose our words and battles carefully. Know what counts in life much as you may be able to count physically.
Another team mate implored us to forgive ourselves for any silly mistakes we made.
There were three musketeers who taught single handed lessons; patience with self; patience with others, patience with God
The class Rapunzel and passionate singer (during class time) and echoed how we should love ourselves as unique individuals.
The powerful eye sight of a visionary leader in the Ivy League University who stressed vision is everything, especially when deconstructing subject matter.
Forgetting the remarkably female whose presence taught us to be ladies of substance that would attract God’s best for us (in terms of grades and boys) would be a great injustice.
Why would I overlook the irrefutable skills of calligraphy, great dancing, she was the class sweet heart warming herself into the hearts of many and earning herself the loyal tag.
There was also the ever strategic an ever insightful comrade who picked herself up right after landing in a hot mess with the school administration
The football enthusiast that lived her simple and yet purposeful driven life to inspire us all into action while plying the scholar’s task.
It would be an insult to fail to recall the remarkable leadership skills of our Sheema girl
Or the ambitious planner and authoritative leader hat balanced academic life and her enormous responsibilities.
The remarkable time keeping skills this lady has is a testimony of the T TO t CAMPAIGN (only that in her case it was thirty and not ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time (
The banking executive that spurred us to widen or nucleus and take risks daily, or ask for what you want, really there is no harm in trying(i love your collection of the pretty journals.)
The amazing fighter (in the sense of never giving up) who encouraged us never to settle for less and fight on for what we stood for. She preached that gospel even as she often commuted to and from school amidst the boarding setting.
The ever ardent prom queen that tactfully and diligently did her assignments especially Tranter numbers that gave us sleepless nights.
There was a phenomenal creature, a testimony of kindness that some teachers mistook her quiet nature for selfishness.
Another comrade was affirmative in the action dishing out fresh deals of hope by dropping in her words of encouragement during class time. ’Knock off the t from can’t’’. (I’m still awestruck she shared a lot because she was mainly into dance and reality shows)
Then there was the ever dedicated leader with square faced determination that executed justice in terms of circulating the morning tests under the express orders of Edward (alias the teacher’s biscuit)
The class comic ; the amount of ecstasy this woman had in her soul diffused throughout the entire room and the entire class could not help but choke on laughter as she shared her experiences.
Also the gracious fellow whose presence warmed many hearts as she was assenting in the action of love (still do not understand why she randomly laughed alone most of the times)
There was the candid and very committed to her studies team player,
The effective communication skills of the girl that delivered feedback on any query (feedback is breakfast for champions)
This next one should receive a prize for integrity and diligent service in the school bank,
Then there was the energetic and delightful squad mate who kept evident reminders of who she really was. (Know thyself)
There was one who always fueled her tank of positive energy that refused people to pass through her mind with dirty feet. (Be street smart)
There was a self confident youngster who would be confused for arrogant,
Another was lovable, emotional and empathetic soul that confirmed it for the headteacher how the crazy she was (it takes one to know another)
This lad exuded tenacity and kept going regardless of the stones thrown at her, she made walls and is an ambassador for the environment (go green)
There was one tech guru with mad computer skills, malware is not malicious with computers she is, kudos girl (celebrate one another)
Then the one who silently taught us that a smile costs nothing but gives much, her accent is quite similar to those in tel-novella.(be happy always)
Her twin stressed the necessity of a right attitude. (A bad attitude is like a flat tyre taking you no where)
Another taught how quarreling constructively is essential for public speech (I still differ)
The one with DJ dreams that also had mad photography skills, she simply ran wild as she solved math problems. (Be passionate about what you do)
She was all about puzzles; crosswords and Sudoku tasks (imagination rules the world)
Another puzzle person that orchestrates amazing music as she pulls guitar strings (learn how to play an instrument)
The great class dancer that was the brains behind us learning to write with our left hand (be inspired always)
The great book thief (in terms of the novels we read for leisure) whose concentration in class was according to subject the book she understood (read books like eat the frog)
Another loud girl whose open mindedness was in inverse proportion to her beliefs
This colleague kept sharing and kept it 100% with her mathematical studies splitting sin and cos to leave tan and tons of solutions. (Keep you head in the game)
As I sign out, what more can I say other than thank you for selling the first rate version of yourself nothing more or less, lest I hurt myself like coach says. I take a bow as I am privileged to associate myself with such distinct quality and diversity in this team.
Continue to know thyself


  1. N.patricia

    I can tell who everyone is. Not so sure if i saw myself though i think i did hehe. But its amazing keep up the good work!!

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