Beginning scene; gentleman proposes to his beloved woman.

Female; Do you my beloved, dare to partake of this my heart, with all its, scars cuts and wounds?

Male; I gather the immense pain you express is similar to the chronicles of Jabez; OH THAT PAIN….i realize you and his mother share the same school of thought,

Female; these scars of mine are memories of how i have been dribbling in self-pity and scoring and banking on hopelessness.

Male; I comprehend you attend many surprise war parties, deep on the inside of you.

Female; these cuts are a simple souvenir of how much I would kill to get what I would not have.

Male; Beloved, take heart, this savage brutality, it too shall pass.

Female; Take a closer look. This particular one I was battling lust and violence and this mark was my only prize.

Male; the clash of the titans.

Female; are you paying any attention? Don’t you get it?

You had better? This is a chronic pain worse than child bearing pangs,

Male; not that men can bear children.

You have never wanted any trouble, stop bull dozing yourself down that road.

Female; I’d rather not speak, lest my pain burst forth with screams of silence,

Male; beloved,save your breath.

Female: the human nature,how sick and twisted can we get?

Amidst all this pressure, I‘ve been become………………..

Male: what you were meant to be, are there are diamonds without pressure?

Female; an atrocious creature, I’m a man-eater, letting you pay the absolute cost of sheer selfishness like my stinky, contagious depression epidemic. I have feasted on your joy in an attempt to cajole you to join me in grief.

Male; Then lets call it comparative advantage, we are as one in this. God got us; He can lick those scars, cuts and wounds,

Female; those unfair economies of scale,

Understand that I love you, this much, not to allow you to share this pain or to heavy weight God with it.

You think you’re asking to me journey along with you,another love episode with a hopeless romantic,

Together; we have a common denominator of love

Female; for me , this sounds more like an invitation for me to grab you, hit your hard and leave you lying flat faced on the ground,

Intimidating you just to swap your dreams to give the heart what it wants.

Male; Lady, do you expect me to be feeling sorry for you,

Or to tell you to take all those words back and it will be all okay?

Female; I am simply applauding you,  such a wise man  setting himself up to go down in history as hopeless and senseless chap. This spells doomsday.

Male; words are cheap, I pray you for you beloved, to become attractive mentally. You can use a change of vocabulary,

Stop all the obscene painful talk; others have been through it too. Personally, am a work in progress.

Together; Yes, I can.

Stop steadily progressing in pain, living a big lie life instead of moving forward in love,

Together; so what if I found love in a hopeless place,

Male; the author of love invited me to come as I am

I am extending it to you, right now.

As  I say I love you, not because you’re bad to the bon ,your attractive face value or what is considered as genuine eye candy among us males,

Female; wait, am I not all of that and more?

Male; don’t get it twisted

I love you more than your legendary scars and Imperfections but,

*******BRIEF SILENCE******

God, He loves all of you past my manner of love. He picks up those disjointed pieces, like a chess puzzle, hands you sweet victory as a checkmate.

Female; isn’t this another ‘’everything will turn out fine’’ sermon?

Male; Beloved, fix your mind on this,

The coming joy is so similar to this I pain which you have acclimatized yourself to.Only that it is for a better cause,

Together; sounds like some hopeless romantic talk,

Female; I cannot go along with this,

God knows how hard I have tried,

Male: Try again, this time with God, this pain stems from focusing on yourself and not on God.

Together; truly, pain demands to be felt,

Female; All the same the difficult times diminish, just like childbirth pangs of a pregnant mother, the joyful anticipation is nothing compared to the painful time,

Male; Christ gives deep healing, refreshing these prone-to-pain bodies and restoring tired souls who have been had black eyes by the pains in that punch them,

Together; most importantly He loves,

Let it faze you,

How Christ loves you,

Beyond these,

Cuts, scars and wounds.



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