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​Technovation is a company under Iridescent that focuses its attention on technology entrepreneurship for girls in middle school until high school. The exciting concept of the program revolves around identifying a problem in one’s community and planning to solve it tactfully, within a click of a button through   development of a mobile application in various programming languages majorly basic MIT app inventor.  

How it happened for me? Just before I share , I must confess,  I would have never possibly thought of ever having coded. Actually I would shiver at the thought of it, knowing how it is male dominated field. But it’s interesting to know how many women are peering into this field and scaling their horizons. [SHOUT OUT TO WOMEN IN TECH].A fact that has been kept in the shadows is how a the first person who invented a programming language for the computer invented by Mr.Babbage Charles was a female, Miss Ada Lovelace. This is not a mundane tale  about feminism but some truths that startle me. We can be the life changing and lasting solution to the problems we face. Girls and women, leading the change. 

Shout out to the Four**divergent series ** anyhow back to the subject matter. 

Akin to my assertion is the African proverb, “if you think you are to small to cause a change, spend the night with a mosquito”. So, just like me, you can influence positive change. 

Curiosity played a huge role into venturing into this positive change movement.  Many a time it has crossed my mind to unearth the brains of data such as social media. I was pretty green on why things appeared the way they did on various interfaces and wanted to know why. 

Alas!  One random day in my upper sixth form in Gayaza High School , my twin and I reluctantly signed up to learn about something in technology. Oh boy , we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. As we signed up for something techy , just to get the hang of it, we cultivated a passion once we embarked on the journey to become tech savvy. CONSTANTLY, WE BECOME. 

Did we have support?  To some extent we did, emotional support and also one great coach who agreed with us how the best lessons in life are those outside class. In Uganda, a common school of thought is how one needs to cram their way to academic excellence because of the theoretical system therefore leaving out such practical knowledge. 

Technovation stands for “LEAD THE CHANGE”. This is why am writing , this serves as a memorial marker for me to be the change i want to see. I’m giving my two scents, personally I love to thrive on challenges and that’s what my Technovation chapter mainly highlights.

 My major highlight was failing repeatedly along the journey for example coding and getting errors, it was nerve wrecking to be honest , but the truth is our team morphed better in times such as these when we had reached our elastic limit. In the United States, girls have the privilege of coding at a tender age of 10years. Its inspiring as well as challenging yes young ladies , Let no one despise your youth, I am almost tempted to regret not knowing this but life is too short to have regrets , so count your blessings. I must warn you it takes real courage to think differently. I swallow saliva hard as I am challenged by girls , at a tender age  who code mind blowing applications in various programming languages. 

Start today , start now. The Truth is technology is ever evolving, I will give you this head’s up; so one has got to have love of learning. 

Technovation has developed a friendly 12 week curriculum to walk one girl on a journey that aspires to be the change of a life time , the change she envisions in her respective community. What a beautiful sight, touching lives of other girls that have barely heard about this opportune moment to invest in their latent potential. 

The industrious journey has began. Remember there are no diamonds without pressure. To kick-start us off was brain storming, followed by market research coupled with paper prototyping. This basically serves as a clarion call to the creativity skills within oneself.  Following closely in line,  is the competitive analysis , branding, product pricing. The exciting part of the journey is shooting pitch and demo videos and most importantly a valid business plan and finally submission.  Finally, like I said we constantly become,  here’s to being a Student Ambassador. 

Also I don’t believe in coincidences, God is always up to something. He blesses us to be a blessing or blessings. So I am counting my blessings, and the journey of being a technology entrepreneur is one of them. 

 Lo and behold, code meets girls and now we constantly become code girl.

It is still a journey, which entails major  team work skills . It has also been nerve wrecking to fail at something or when things fail to work themselves out. This has been the most beautiful part of the journey,  getting up after failing to do it again , it takes real courage to think differently. 

I have not arrived,  (learning a new language-python 3 with some tools on thank God I left and I continue to embark on the journey. 

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  • Amanya
    July 23, 2016


  • Amanya
    July 24, 2016

    Goals. Keep coding girl.

  • poetic ecstasy
    July 24, 2016

    Teach me your ways
    Am proud 😄

  • Latifat
    October 6, 2016

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what you’ll create! Sometimes all people need is the opportunity. Looks like you’re getting a great one. Keep up the good work

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