The games we play,

This is

for those of us who love taking calculated I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T-S

Debiting and crediting accounts of relationships :A date,a crush,marriage ,friendship you name it,

Hoping balance sheet of connections  shows more assets than liabilities

We have all been there and done that

It’s like a game we cannot get enough of,

Allow me to be more specific,

The view here is concentric,

I am a spectator but i like to play the judge too,

This is for lovers of that game,

Whose players that  love to play the judge,

But don’t we all?

the picture in your mind’s eye is graphic,

Plot it on a curve,the slope is parametric

Imagining how your one man team as yourself will fair,

Suspense is choking the air,  

Stomping the yard as hearts beat

hearts beat {sound *tuum tuum*}) hard

Often times,

While playing games on  the un-levelled pitch of life,

We resolve into active hibernation as ,

a  common fear engulfs us as players

firmly bearing its teeth into us,

the fear of being inadequate,of the unknown,of being judged;

SImply because

We are too busy to engage in the game as we  are relentless in playing the judge,

Our partnership accounts have been robbed of goodwill

And filled with tangible disconnection as our closing stock.

Could you account for this?


How about we start over, by playing a game?

Where humans and humanity proportionately co-relate

Love is the sole-judge and chief associate

The rules of the game;

Are to abide,

Abiding in Love of the Chief Judge

Bearing fruit in Him through,

Connecting to Christ who hand-picked you,

Plugging into the tensile strength of Him ,the True Vine

Clasping onto tendrils of steadfast love of the Vine dresser,

Blooming where He plants you,

And He does all clipping away of  all that does not bear fruit

I know the saying “rules were meant to be broken”,

Though i’d really  like to see that light  actually shine when you next sing

this little light of mine ,I’m gonna let it shine……

I would love to go on and on, but it’s game time

time to play on .

Inspired by Biblical Passage of John 15.

©justifiedecstasy         2016


  1. absolutely love comparing the written to the writer, but in this case if i didn’t actually know you, i’d think someone else wrote this which is creepy and awesome at the same time, summing up by saying you got yourself a forever fan, your works are amazing, i can’t read any of them without using imagery and to me thats everything.

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