Book review

TITLE;Purple Hibiscus

AUTHOR :Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

RATING:4.5 / 5


Purple hibiscus encompasses religion as it is main theme.Truthfully i think it’s love.The only new twist is the location is in  Nigeria.

I think it is so easy to love ;In her writing ,you learn to love as though a heartbreak is chasing you or  an attempt to love the hate away.

Just ask Mama,she is Papa’s puppet of a wife,who continuously bears the scars from her husband until she sips on the poisonous love tea and dies.(spoiler alert)This reminds me the usual Afro-cinema plot.(these are movies that originate from Nigeria).

If this isn’t love,then what is it?

Lets ask Father Amadi,one captivating character in this novel who is mesmerized by the stretch of legs of  a 15-year-old woman as well as the bewitching gap between her teeth.This phenomenal woman, Kambili is the leading character in the novel.Father Amadi is head over heels in love with her and not even his priesthood celibacy vows can stop him.It is true indeed ,

sometimes the heart just wants what it wants.

Who can tell us better about love is other than Aunty Ifeoma, the free-spirited  character with an uncommon sense of balance.She holds it together ;from strikes by university students in Nsukka to threats of dismissal by the administration as well as silly tantrums  her brother,Eugene (papa to Kambili and Jaja) and of course her three offsprings;the cheerful Chima,daring Obiora and  diva-like Amaka

.Amaka plays the role of a bully very well with Kambili but that is because she loves her once you read to the end.Papa (Eugene) who is the people’s sweetheart also loves in a unusual way ,but he is not that much of a monster of a man except for when he administers thermal punishments in the name of love.

Love is also spelt out by the dynamic divergent relationship between the two siblings Kambili and Jaja.

Kambili is bound by her father’s expectations on a religious scene and her life seems to be fulfilled by his words of affirmation but her life is so empty.This is the case until Father Amadi plucks her heart strings.Her brother Jaja, defies his father’s odds and yet is so vulnerable for his mother and goes to prison for her.

I cannot fathom how many ways to love are spelt out in this book.

It constantly reminds me of the Biblical  1 Corinthians 13 way of loving without necessarily expecting love back.


  1. I’ve always wanted to read this book. I think I have it here at home, will just have to check for it. Can I recommend 2 books for you (African literature) if you’re interested? ☺
    With your book review i want to see it even more

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