Girls and boys,

Ladies and gentlemen,

From far and near and all around the world,

HAPPY NEW 2017,(where I hail from we say this until the next big holiday which will be Valentines)

HAPPY NEW YOU.(I can attest to, in various ways but the calculated risk I’m still skeptical about is being an all brown naturalista,anyway back to the heart of the matter )

2017 has presented an opportune moment to introduce thee FEST series.


KEEPSAKES AND MEMORIES (the title of this series )is more or less an avenue to share anything and everything about a particular month this year.Personally, I didn’t set any new year resolutions .(not that I don’t stick to them ,i sound like the guilty who run before they are convicted.Truthfully, i like to think of it as a new investment.)

January started out on usual tone.Quite an anomaly for me,

That’s why I’m here to share these silent screams from my meditations as a melancholic.

First of January, 2017.

I do not remember all the happenings on that day, but I vividly recall  this much : My resolve to  purposefully and intentionally  invest in people this year.That’s when it all began; A genesis of the overdrive of my feelings and emotional rush leaving me with answers to questions I’ve never asked.I experienced such a divergent shift in communication.Do you have that one person where it seems  like you are always giving and their job is simply to take,take and take a little bit more!Or  that one person where you are always doing duty calls of  checking in.There’s this one time this month, I took a huge leap of faith and used all my savings to venture into a business.My handler in this business is based back at home and pulled a few connections here and there to  get me a support contact in my current location, who has simply left me to swim with  sharks in the deep waters.Such is life!That’s not what  bothers me,


It’s  ignoring me that makes me lose interest.For how long does one  put up with such collaborative uncooperative effort?The above instances are few of the many this month that account for strange shift in communication hence my  solitary musings.I did not intend to cut people off or cross the street so as not to share as much as a look with them.

I needed alone time to think and let some well waters flow from my eyes and pitch a new tent of hope in my mind.(I think I am a little bit emotional and honestly a month is really long guys, I don’t think this will be happening again)

But God!

He has been my constant, this month with its numerous feelings.You know feelings are quite fickle things, how easily they come and go!

The journey started out on a rough patch,but I’ll still embark and

I’m going all in guys.GODSPEED.

I have seen the collateral beauty in people considering three aspects we all share;life, time and death.Being without people,is like  murder for me, that I cannot and will not get away with.I’m still wounded from the heart aches ,but thank God I’m healing.Maybe you’ll call me a dog, for going back to those who have wounded me but that’s just how i operate under no express instructions.It’s because God loves me with no strings attached that am learning to follow suit in the classes professor day hands me to be handed in before mister night calls the shots.I’m kissing pride goodbye.

Oh by the way, you may think this is a lot of baloney i’m shoving down your throat, let’s switch the cards around.Shall we ?



My parting shots are from the song, WHOLE-BY JONATHAN MCREYNOLDS.Watch it here.

Where is the power of a tree if it has no roots?

What is the meaning of my life if there is no you?

The song talks about roots which are basically connections with people .it also says what is the meaning of my life if there is no you(not me).

 My clarion call is invest in people but don’t get it twisted,do not seek validation from people.


If you are looking for greatness,multiply yourself!


©justifiedecstasy 2017

Care to share your two cents about what January had in store for you this 2017?





  1. Wow. I enjoyed your January journey. Sorry about the heartache you experienced. Well done on your resolve to invest in people. That’s a great one.

    My journey in January was pretty uneventful. But what is profound is I was disappointed by some people who I placed my hope in. I felt really bad. But I’m over that now ( I guess).

    I’m resuming school in February. Definitely, there’ll be more beautiful stories to share.

  2. Enjoyed the post.😊
    Sorry about the heartache you experienced. Thank God you are over it. Your resolve to invest in people is profound. Well done!

    My journey in January was quite uneventful. However, I was disappointed by some people who I placed my hope in. I’m over that now(I guess!)

    I’ll be resuming school in February.
    Definitely, there will be beautiful stories to share.

    I’ll take with me the mindset that people need me.

  3. “Do you have that one person where it seems  like you are always giving and their job is simply to take,take and take a little bit more!Or  that one person where you are always doing duty calls of  checking in.”
    Oh gosh yes I can relate.
    “If you are looking for greatness,multiply yourself!”
    So many things stood out for me and it reads like something you wrote from an emotional place, and that is always my favorite stuff to read.
    Good job.
    And thanks for the writing prompt.

  4. I enjoyed this post! I have had to push some people to outer circles of friendship for similar reasons and such experiences can but shouldn’t leave you bitter. It’s ok to not be ok

  5. woow such a cool blog, u got the talent & u got d guts to be the next Iconic writer. Light the candle and keep it burning.
    As for Jan, its for another day

  6. Mpaata Honeyfar

    My journey This January Has simply taught me to stop with the new Year Resolutions and Start with the New Life Resolutions.

    And what better way to start than by understanding that people do Indeed need You.
    Good Write My dear…. Keep these coming… I can always relate In a way or two.

  7. Thank you for sharing your heart…where our soul resides…waiting for a connection with another heart and soul. Sharing our humanity with its joys and heartaches makes us open to the Holy Spirit’s desire to draw all to God and God’s never ending love. Your sharing resonated with many of my memories,too. My January paralleled yours in many ways. Again, thank you, it is a privilege to read your writings. Candace

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