This is not another poem about algebra

or replacement of the faithful x,

I am not here to tell you to subtract what doesn’t add up in life.

Maybe I will…

Actually, I should, now that I have your attention.

I’ll  probably highlight  how we use numbers everyday.

You know how tough it is when that first number changes on your birthday,  you only have a decade before it changes again.

All these numbers.

Prime ,odd and even ,

All these numbers lie somewhere in your phonebook,

If not of those numerous lists we all  know;

1000 ways to die,100 reasons why adolescents act the way they do,10 killer diseases ,1 favorite number,

Really you get my point.

Let me be random,

On a scale of one to ten,how many  relationship  goals

Do you have with your country of origin?

Here’s to another year of independence,

for some us,we’ll be voting.

I am tempted to talk about 10 reasons you are going to vote this year,

But I only have a fraction of the answers .

Our common denominator is us being fellow countrymen.

I know you do not think so.

(It’s probably the accent that sells me away)

Back to the numbers,

On a scale of one to ten;

I pick ten.

I’ve never been more serious in my life about a relationship.

She is a palace. The pearl of africa’s crown.


If I choose nine, blame it on her faithful presentation. She exudes a rare form of loyalty. She is no fair weather friend.

wp-1486400094568.jpgHer radiant sun for us to bask under, right before undetectable dark clouds stroll in leaving behind a  feel of moisture.


If I rate eight.It’s because of  her eyes, those  wells of  light , deep with mystery.


Her wild side presents of all species and sizes in the gameparks.Her hindsight and foresight views are breathtaking, especially how the flora and fauna refuse to stop kissing the plains.


Perhaps, I’ll select seven.Simply because she is a lush fertile country of milk , honey, sugar, spice and everything nice.


She  presents succulent delicacies that one cannot get enough of.(taste nsenene, ffene or matooke)

Or  give a rating of six since she is the hub of diversity.Her culture ,so much beauty lies therein.


I’ll skip five and four and jump to three because I’d rather show you how she nurses arts and joyful births in a state of happiness.(see for yourself on this amazing site by Joel Jemba)


Maybe three. The rugged body shape of the country.

The numerous rivers that crisscross,

Their drainage pattern ending in bursts of  joy at river banks  as they deposit dawn-fresh  hospitable characters such as yours truly.


Demographically speaking, I think  two is  pretty  good .She always points  to her true North.A direction of moving forward.

Hold your horses, yes i know we have had the same president for longer than I’ve been in existence, but…

Come on,this is steady progress. Hakuna mchezo.(which loosely translates  to no games.)

When I choose one, it’s because the

One and only thing I ask

is that you join us for

all the above and

so much  more.



Made in Uganda.

I’m SO 🇺🇬,



For God and my country.


©justifiedecstasy          2017


  1. hi, Shaz here. Thank you for following my blog. This is the first thing I chose to read on your blog! It BLEW me away! AMAZING piece of writing, had me hooked from the beginning.

    • I am so humbled you spared the time to read the pieces.Thank you, Greater thanks to my Maker for nurturing this gift.
      I am excited also to associate myself with such quality in yourself in the pieces i have seen in your pieces.

  2. I am sooooo in love with this poem. This should be our national anthem. Lol. It rhymes so beautifully and it is playful at the same time.

    I love the flow. You let the pen write…. i rcognise ghe stream of conscience in your writing. It is addictive. It felt like you were speaking. For real I am in love with the piece.
    It is weird…. the first poem i wrote consciously using the stream of conscience style was about numbers. Lol.

    • Oh Daphine!

      First of all, thank you for making time to read this post.
      You are deep ‘ey.
      tHE BEAUTY OF NUMBERS is how easy we manipulate them like the saying when things are not adding up, we ought to take them away.
      I am extremely humbled.
      Let me check out what you penned down recently.

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