If you are happy and you know it, snap ‘dem fingers.

If you are happy and you know it, snap ‘dem fingers.

If you are happy and you know it, and you really want to show it ,snap ‘dem fingers.

If you are not  happy and you know it,you really want to show it ,

then meet them.


All of them, men in masquerades

All that shade masquerading as shine.


exhibit A

The woman

That woman that loves red,

Red red wine like the UB40’s,

walking high in spirit.


In heels.

you’ve seen her in red?

but missed the view of her slits and wrists with patterns of rolling streams of blood.

Because she is not happy and she knows it

Exhibit B

The woman,

that woman

That loves tea,

like her man -dark ,strong , mocha and

Not yesterday’s coffee

That kind of hot scandal not even Olivia Pope can fix.

She’s preparing

Her Last Supper where

She’s the kind of  sauce to spice up the entire banquet in one seating.

Aih Caramba.

Probably will leave you speaking in tongues too.


She ain’t no Jane doe,

Her husband’s blindspot sees the light of day

each day as

Her lanterns meet to uniformly illuminate any room.



The woman

in motion that

wears her heart of gold on her sleeves.

but not for so long as that same heart in action hangs as heavy as the twilight moon

In her  front yard is a chain reaction ,

full of beautiful lies,painful truths

Her backyard;

thick  and large enough to house suicide contemplation in a quest of how to live life through its hard knocks.

All these women.


In me.

Are tired.


Still portrait by Vincent

We are ready to call it quits and are carefully planning an exit strategy,

From this world into the next.

This will be

Our long walk to freedom



Audition the rope around my neck,or tie the knot in a different location, so tight that i choke on all this pain

before I dance away to Bazokizo tunes in the rain,

Vain in my walk down the primrose path of death.

Veins are my cutting plane,

With the end of this cane,

is the cutting edge.

or I could

Swallow pills to accelerate my time travel

Unravel the loose strings of living

okay maybe I should be-have(behave) or be brave?

my final destination lies six feet under.


i was saying,

Like a black ocean,

i can burst forth offshore or drown during the high tide to rinse away this sadness of living.

Or a quick fix like jumping

from heights of hopelessness since there are more stars for us to find fault in.


In loving memory of these thoughts and  all  the women in me who now understand .


It .

will stretch you.

Sit tight and take notes as we school you on life lessons.


How to live life?


Live it right.

Don’t be uptight.

like the precious gem you are, shine bright.


Love is your birthright.

So live life.

Like the Masterpiece He created you to be,



Go all out.

end up not in blind alleys of death,

pass not by the wicked lane of claiming your own life,

infact stop. Catch your breath,



How to live life?


I’ll go first.

Inhale.These lungs now expand with love from  the extravagant Author of Love.

Exhale the  broken pieces

which are now rising to life,

where death was reigning ,


i learnt,

in the game of  life , playing the suicidal card is not how you win.

it’s the easy way out.But if you will


stay in the race

keep the pace

keep your head in the game.

Quit playing the survivor and start being a  conqueror.


We stopped tripping on that  suicidal downgrade and are currently undergoing an upgrade

having met 

a Relentless Pursuer.A Reckless Romantic. An Ultimate Forgiver. CHRIST THE SON.


He gives us bright vision and so

we dare.

To try again,

This time .

Living for eternity.


ALL Flash photography by Sharon.

Cover photo is me.

(This piece is inspired by depression of a close friend.)

How to save a life – The FRAY



  1. Your style of writing is captivating and this piece is close to your heart (clearly evident on every line)

    I pray your friend gets over the depression.

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