Keepsakes and Memories Feb edition

February has been a heart-shaped month.

Don’t we all agree?

Allow me

(In life you really have got to  prosper)

as I show you my new baby.(Statement watches excite me so much.)

(*drumroll*)Lo and behold

Get yourself one Nzochu watches Kenya

February; has been the aftermath of crediting my trust in my Source , God .I picked up a new chapter from the book of hope.The lamentations of January came to an end leaving me with songs played across my heart-strings.

I learnt more from an inward perspective after last month’s events.

To kickstart this series;

What’s your why?


If your reason is not big enough, your excuses will be.That’s for sure.

Why do you get out of bed everyday?

For my case;

Why I’m captivated by God?


For the longest time ever , I struggled because I had an idea of God and not God in all His entirety.I was miss little goodie-two-shoes and you know the world we live in recovers quite quickly from a success or a victory.But once a failure occurs; suddenly one becomes the prey feasted upon by those around us.

now I’m going to say something controversial

(and I’m going to get away with it,

that’s until you share your two cents by commenting below.)

I really don’t believe in religion.My face is always scrunched up in frustration when I’m filling in forms that ask my religion.I respect people’s beliefs however I will not delve further on this sensitive matter.

I have not finished my statement, I don’t believe in religion because I was so bound by the rules and missed the whole point of who God is and the truth is – This is a relationship issue.

That’s why I am swept off my feet by the relentless Love of Christ.Now I am well aware that sounds like a contradiction, but i am no longer bound by keeping up appearances of right behaviour and good morals  because i have to so that God rewards me.

Now, it’s a matter of I want to because of the freedom in leaps and bounds  that lies in living loved by God.

I still struggle, but I have learnt to ask myself in such positions;Can this help me get closer to God?

Another why!

Why do I blog?

In fact, why do you spare time to read these blog posts?

As justified ecstasy, i own this blog because writing is my therapy,an outlet from all the inlets of excitement and mayhem.It sounds like a  that’s selfish thing. This too is an oxymoron. Only a few people know the back story ,Here it is in a nutshell. As I was starting out  had clear-cut vision for this blog to connect with people , share experiences and hopefully inspire people through short stories, spoken word pieces and lifestyle articles. Along the way, my vision has been obscured by what culture dedicates as self love.”THE DO-IT-FOR-YOURSELF MENTALITY”. Do not get me wrong this is perfectly okay ,especially  when it stimulates that amazing catharsis  feeling.However this is not why I write.Writing is my means to reach out.

I have learnt this month: the hard way,your gifting will open doors for you but Character is what sustains you ;lest it becomes a point of distraction .Personally, God pointed it out to me that blogging had become my idol.I was in denial of living with a scarcity mentality.I was blogging for me and not to impact others .So I paused doing so for a while.

I learnt to prioritize my priority. The crux of the matter is the world won’t end if I don’t put up a blog post for a couple of days.God is continually teaching me I am an owner of nothing and a steward of everything so I serve unto the Lord.I still have many struggles but God got me and you.

It reminds me of the saying throw your heart over the bar and the rest of your body will follow.No one can do you like you do you.I am not writing for the sake of getting high blog statistics, no I’m practising my commitment.Basically ,this entails setting oneself up in the process of growth.

This month, it was a disheartening experience for me  not to make the cut for a major project.Does that mean I give up, the first, second or third or nth time ?

No ,you got to display commitment.This takes character.You either go all in  or don’t try it all.I tell you, this demands refined character.(Character is what you do when no-one is watching).

Come on,



and grind on.

Work your plan , not your excuses.(oh boy, this has not been easy for me.To get on with the plan and drop the procrastination. But yet again if it were easy everyone would be doing it, that is why the majority recline in the chief seat of comfort).

Character stems from uncomfortable experiences.(regarding the above context.That’s what i think)

Revived is another word to explain February.I gained powerful insight from Cornelius and Heather Lindsey .

In a nutshell, here is my take home.

“Value doesn’t beg”- Cornelius.


lets bring more than a degree and lipstick to the table!Lets pass some tests-Test of the fruit of the Holy Spirit!”-Heather.

I’m still embarking on the business journey,I am grateful to God for divine connections.I am actually in awe.

In summary my February can been spelled out as LEARNING .I’ve picked keen interest in cooking traditional Ugandan foods , here in Kenya(perhaps there’s a possibility of posts with recipes).

Also , I am still learning to invest in people.Though the oddest thing happened , I’ll spare you the details.

Just know that  no one said  loving people is going to be an easy job but I’m being taught by the embodiment of Love, God himself.



justifiedecstasy ©2017

What was February like for you?



  1. Great post.As an ardent follower of the blog; I have seen growth my dear.
    Extremely happy for you and blogging is a journey.
    It’s clear you are getting a better grip on the process. We are stewards with this writing gift.

    Religion binds us and keeps us on a checklist of good and bad.where bad always outweighs good keeping us bound and unhappy thinking God is mad at us.

  2. So, I’d want to hear details of the investing in people issue

    I’m with you on the religion part. Every now and again, I myself get to consumed with looking right that I forget what it’s like to actually simply be me. However, I am daily reminded that I am me and no one can be me – the beauty of the single person.

    Thanks for the blog…looking forward to learning even more from this…


    • First and foremost, Thank you so much for making time and briefly sharing your experience.
      Investing in people spells out commitment.You get to determine how much to give.At least for my case.

  3. Wow Justified. There are so many lessons in the blog. We liked where you talked about blogging as an idol. We scratched our heads a little. When you said “Value doesn’t beg”, you highlighted something about doing something and doing it well.

    It’s a great post, thanks for sharing!

    • I am grateful for you dropping your two cents @Ugbloc.
      Value is knowing your worth and not having to demand people to realise it.Value, well
      It is what it is.

  4. We’re back.

    February. We tried out a lot of things for the community. Chain stories, UgBlogWeek. Our month was blessed with meeting Bikozulu. He’s a very wise dude!

  5. First of all, I was veryy surprised when I read that religion bit (knowing you). But I have to say, I’m glad that we see eye to eye in that aspect. February has been a crazy month full of mid-terms and assignments, but another month, another dollar. Good work on the blog, keep it up!

  6. This sentence: God is continually teaching me I am an owner of nothing and a steward of everything so I serve unto the Lord.

    WOW! It rings true! Thank you for sharing

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