An Ode To My First Daughter

Do you love to sing?

in the shower?


I suspected you’re the one for this job.

When my  daughter comes into existence,can you sing this 

not too loud.    be melodious . stay in tune.


Hey beautiful,

pretty yang thang.

I’m talking you,

young lady

In a Different tone.


Fresh vibes & Nice rhymes.

just like your favourite song,

describing how poetic your shadow is.

what I’m about to tell you,

I confess

again like your favorite song

I’m guilty by association.


i know you are thinking,

This is lame

not again mama.

“Not in front of my friends.”

Let me do this quick .

So,may I?


Beloved daughter,

I am so sorry you have been born,

Into such a jungle of a world.

It’s nothing like the huge Amazon I knew.

But there’s something in common,

You are the prey,

imprinted on the minds of your fellow kind.

It breaks my heart,

Knowing I cannot hand you all the keys of survival at once.

I am so sorry for how you will be taught to credit and place confidence in a system of instant Gratification,

Here Multiplication

is our addictive drug.

We are all addicted,


Tweet it, pin it or Like it ,

and then share it.

in it?

you should know

In this world,

what’s odd is affording a physical relationship

because we are so turned on by our multi

partnership with  technology.



Most of your kind

afford cheap talk,

and only a  few  operate in  an expensive mode of action .



With a contrite heart, let me apologise for this now.


By 30,I am afraid you will be hunted.

By some boys to men

Some are genuine,

Some will shot you down with loaded guns of lies and sweet nothings.


They are lions that will reap your heart apart

as they crave the fierce truths  you speak as  you roar.



You too,

will learn to apologise,

when pride gets in the way,

when forget that  you breathe is not yours,

but  only God’s.

But ,

of course

There’s always a but!

baby, please,

Don’t sell yourself short,

In fact

Don’t you ever apologise 

For the constellations of the stars in your eyes that fully light up the sky.

For your sting, queen bee

Or how the melanin in your skin drops like honey from a comb,

Or the sweet strength that lies in vulnerability

For for loving men that may come off as predators,

Or those kinks, curls and curves trapped in your hair and on your body

For reflecting the Light of our Maker.

You’re one of a kind ,

my kind and you,

Because of that my daughter

you are the prey.

you are their prey.

I am afraid you will be hunted.

its survival for the fittest.

It may seem like it, but

I am not your predator,

Someone out there is.


I pray these 3 things for you ,


Love in its most raw form.


Love of God as your means of survival.

and three.

more love,

because love  is as love does.

Love ,Mama.


©Justifiedecstasy 2017.

28 Responses
  • Writings By Payal Tyagi
    March 8, 2017

    Great post .Loved the emotion and could feel the pain

    • justifiedecstasy
      March 9, 2017

      Thank you for reading and relating.
      Is there anything you want your first daughter to know?

      • Writings By Payal Tyagi
        March 10, 2017

        Yeah there would be many things which I would like to make my kids know about me,don’t know the kid will be he or she but loved this idea of expressing .

  • victoriathomas72
    March 9, 2017

    Beautiful words

    • justifiedecstasy
      March 13, 2017

      Thank you.
      Do you have some wise words for your daughter?

      • victoriathomas72
        March 13, 2017

        I would say to her to believe in herself and always follow her dreams .. no matter how crazy they appear to others xx 😘

  • kgbethlehem
    March 9, 2017

    I have a daughter and felt this immensely. Nice writing

    • justifiedecstasy
      March 13, 2017

      Thank you KG.
      Care to share what do you want to tell your daughter?

      • kgbethlehem
        March 14, 2017

        I’m still form formulating that actually. I always instill encouragement and self esteem in her.

        • justifiedecstasy
          March 15, 2017

          That is a beautiful thing .Persistently continue counting your blessings.

  • Aanchal
    March 12, 2017

    This is so beautiful.

    • justifiedecstasy
      March 13, 2017

      Thank you.
      How about you?What would you want to tell your daughter?(assuming she is not yet here or even if she is here.

      • Aanchal
        March 17, 2017

        Well i am quite young for that. Never thought about it but surely it’s going to be something worth it.

  • Luyonza Enock
    March 15, 2017

    Well written maam, so beautifully done..I’m gonna read it to her.

  • Michelle Malonza
    June 5, 2017

    This is so beautiful. I don’t know how I’d summarize all the things I want to tell my daughter but that will be my next project!

  • Naturally Nequia
    August 15, 2017

    I love this! Beautifully spoken

    • justifiedecstasy
      August 16, 2017

      Thank you ma, I wander what you have to tell your very own daughter

      • Naturally Nequia
        August 16, 2017

        Be the best you that you can be and to love yourself. Other things too but, those two things are the main things.

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