Hey there guys,

Justified ecstasy is growing and I’d like to give you a major applause for largely contributing to our growth.

I would like to extend an invitation to talk and not stay silent about the things that matter.

Following a workshop with Internet Society(Kenya Youth Chapter),on the first of this month ,I resolved to spread the word of why we must keep the internet on in spite of the fact that vices such as cyber bullying are a reality.

We often  recline in the chief seat  of judgement on touchy subjects. We add to the problem and not work towards the solution. That is why we need to dialogue and change the narrative;millennial to millennial.

Basically ,let’s talk and address  issues we grapple with such as beauty, insecurity,feminism you name it.

For example , if you run a quick search on beauty ,which I hope will  kick-start  this series , 8/10 of the results will show you white fair skin  among other things that trouble black girls like me?Or the thick ones or anything society deems as not beautiful.

I hope to use poetry to connect and please feel free to slide in any feedback or suggestions. I am totally open to submissions as a guest blogger (please comment on how I can reach you) and collaborations on this little corner of the internet known as justifiedecstasy because the internet is our home.

Here’s my submission on it.(spoken word piece)

Whoever said

Girls run the world lied.

Everybody knows

It’s the beautiful ones that have not yet been born yet.

If it helps
I’m not either.

I don’t know much
but this I know.
People say the strangest of things ,
Especially when reality checks
This truth.
You can now sense
Thrill of doom I sprayed
That’s why your eyes begin to roll
Like stones
When I say
Not ‘cute’.
Because you are not,
the model in the magazine
See, that model is not
The picture that you see

Is nothing more than
An airbrushed

Not ‘pretty’.
Like Erin McKean said,
Pretty is not rent you pay
for occupying a space
marked female.
Male species butcher these lines
And sell us all this stale meat.
That’s why I have so much beef.

Let’s call you
Because you bring too
Much to the table to
Be treated like a saucer
You actually bring the whole  table
Bearing weight
of concealer,primer
And foundation
In just one direction.
That’s what
makes you our cover girl

Let’s re-construct you
Take a sauce sectional study
Step one
Undress skin the colour of chocolate,
Bleaching creams delight
So let there be light.
In all shades and hues
Simply put, dark isn’t always lovely..they say.
They  say
Honey they say know that
those kinks, coils and
locks dread
The sight of beauty’s eyes

That behold looks as everything.
Don’t to forget

They say
any thickness

Draw thin lines all over you
That’s shape of you

that Ed’s in love with
Strike a balance between more thin
And less skin
What they mean is
Thin nose.Thin arms.
Thin glossy lips.
desert thin hips.
Thin and more thin.
Welcome to thin city.
So when they introduce you
We say
choma us, we are your nyama.
You’re the  hot sauce.
Explaining all the heart burns(tsss)
Today’s culture that teaches
Looks are everything
In the making of
the perfect sauce.
Only to leave you shortchanged at Tyra’s bank
Until Campbells start ringing

Ding dong bell
Here’s another wake-up call

How this genetic modification
Engineered by mere words
Constructs vanity and remains
Misunderstood as beauty.
You’re so frozen.
refusing to let go of this falsehood
And probably will soon feature in the vanity fair.

Selling copies of
The perfect sauce
Vanity is the sauce.

That features in our daily meals.
Waiting to be served,
so here is a tip.
Vanity is as attractive as hell.
like Oliver Twist,
Keeps asking for more
And now will meet
artful Dodger to wrestle
It out

In the blue corner is vanity
And the red corner is beauty
Let the boxing begin
Clench firm fists,vanity
Throw punches on faces
knock out the China beauty
Your turn beauty,
Punch like a man,
hold contests and conquests,
Who is
Beautiful  -ly fleeting away to faded looks.
That’s how you leave them
Black eyed
Fists and twists
May break your face
But inner beauty is
A saving grace.
The source of joy.
Happiness .
the kind that sticks to the soul,
That no shopping spree can fix.

She knows this because
She is fearfully and wonderfully made,
designed in humility

and framed in sincere praises to her Maker

She is
Clothed in strength and dignity,
Laughing at the future,
For she knows God firmly holds her.
Because she cultivates inner beauty.

Enough said
Are you ?Cute.Pretty.Sauce.Vain.
Cute.Pretty.Sauce.Vain. Are you?
Like I said,

I don’t know much


But this much I know
God knows your worth
You’re priceless
But vanity is what makes

you not  give a dime.
Fix your crown.
In Him,you are altogether

The biggest tragedy is being convinced otherwise.


All the amazing photography is by Lyra Aoko.

Blessings and Bliss.

Justified Ecstasy ©2017


  1. Patsy ❤❤❤☀☀☀🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 so much sauce in one post 😍 love your new venture …your photos are beautiful as always 😂I need to be acquainted with your photographer….
    Keep writing and I agree with what @Roshonda says😊.
    Be.You.Tiful ❤☀ keep shining

  2. Be.You.Tiful!!! This is all shades of amaze balls. The pictures, written word…and yes please, we need to hear this read…

  3. I can not believe that I just saw this. Amazing stuff, that poem gives me Feels!! Cheers to your blog growth. I am open to a collaboration with you! And may I say YOUR HAIR GIIIIRRRRLLL!!!
    You can reach me at

  4. Wow! Rap this and it will be my ringtone:

    But this much I know
    God knows your worth
    You’re priceless
    But vanity is what makes

    you not give a dime.
    Fix your crown.
    In Him,you are altogether

  5. Mpaata Hanifah

    That Poem Insights all hidden beauty in me sister. This is Be You Tiful. Amazing. Thank you for always sharing.

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