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We are doing a series on Conversations with my Femininity,if you missed the preamble you can find it here.


This week′s post comes to clarify that in as much as this theme is centered on femininity and is closely tied to feminism, we will not be writing on feminism.(If it shows up, it is not intentional)

Does that mean I am not a feminist?

To answer this, is a spoken word piece. (Would you prefer a YouTube channel for the audios?Let me know in the comment section below)


It′s my birthday

At just 20 something years of age ,
the woman in me is blooming
the child in me is celebrating
the birth of the feminist in me.

I am under express instructions
To say it as the f word
(feminist in a whisper)

Conversations with society have since changed
We don’t talk anymore
At least ,

like we used to .And
I was not going to say anything
then I figured
Why stay silent about the things that matter?



Society I know I’ve assaulted your ears
Now you will marginalize me
Examine me
Embrass me
With this new-found truth
And to you I say ,

I give you the green light
Go right ahead

I can smell the scent of your fury
As you practice your anger,
Society mama didn’t go wrong,
Actually she raised me right enough
To choose wisely
Given the multi options of stereotypes
In this feminist family

You know,

The shrill kill joys , extreme lesbians
the crazy kind,that don’t believe in wearing bras or
the ones that are spelling sensitive
woman is W-O-M-Y-N.

They replace a in woman with a y
Like why be so angry?
Or like Roxanne gay describes these

men-hating ,sex-hating ,hate-starving
As  bad feminists


Society ,I will throw my words into your mouth
You will either speak them
or speak them
As I fulfill each syllable in the word feminist
And dance with these you deem as  misfits
To the tune of challenging the status  quo
With those rebels! us rebels that comfortably wear the label


Watch me play
Defender in the game of thrones
Queendom versus kingdom
I will champion these hidden figures
In fact,I  will rally them on
And further glory
Not greater than you society
But not certainly not less than.

Mama ,(she is somewhere in the crowd as I write this)
Thanks for making it here today
In time for me to tell you
How I finally got saved
But please don’t frown upon my redemption
Because, Jesus made a feminist out of me.

It is the truth I bought

Because Jesus did not treat men different from women
Yes mama
I know the Bible also makes male leadership the standard
Society I know pretty well that there was no female in His inner circle,
And yet still a woman was chosen for his birth
Or rather He chose to appear first to women
when He resurrected,
So much for not being in His inner circle

For the record,


Feminism by definition
is belief in equality of human rights for both men and women.

Where her story makes his story
Anything else that is along the lines
of equality in her favour  is a misconstrued fallacy,

That’s why I am on this stage to
Invite you
Swallow your ignorance
Or you too will end up with an Adam’s apple.

Lady,Like Eve do not be deceived
To celebrate any form of feminism that brings about inequality
Especially In terms of male oppression
And falsely recognize that the Hand of God is behind it?

They say I should watch my tongue,revise my choice?
Religion stays in the church
I heard to that Preaching
I heed to Chimamanda’s clarion call of how we should all be feminists
She is my contact for the risk that comes along with it,
Did you know she describes her brother as the best feminist,
Clearly this is a relationship issue and not a religious view


That′s besides the point,
Here’s my number
call me
The Jesus Feminist.

Blessings and Bliss




  1. Thank you so much for this piece… Wow! Love the poetry… The Jesus feminist 💝

    And that’s the point. We are not trying to be above the male species 😂😂. We need equality. To be treated with equal importance despite our gender but ! ☝within our abilities.

    Great piece. Great wordplay.. JustifiedEcstacy🌸

  2. Great read! Hope you noted Equality doesn’t equate to equality. Once wrote a ‘feminism’ article and it was one of the toughest assignments. Learnt that feminism works don’t have to assume an angry persona.

  3. This is Beautiful Patsy. Indeed, Feminism is no fight or battle but rather women simply claiming and acquiring the fulfilment to make us all achieve equal opportunities.

    You keep writing girl. This is indeed a very enlightening piece. 💪

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