Conversations with my femininity 01.Bloodshed

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I bet you can already sense the vibes about what we will be discussing.I must warn you it is a bloody affair.

Whenever I hear a female mention the woes of being on her period, is a scene constantly playing in my mind .A colleague of mine was utterly embarrassed by some male counterparts as she got stained by the nature of her body.They actually made a laughing-stock out of the incident and gave her nicknames.And since then she curses the onset of her blooming as those memories haunt her.

Attitudes towards menstrual blood in contemporary Western culture still circle around the subject with a mixture of denial and horror, advertisements for sanitary products typically use blue liquid in an attempt to sanitize the reality of blood, weary old jokes circulate about not trusting anything that bleeds for seven days and does not die. Menstrual blood is constructed either as something that requires a hygienic makeover or as something unnatural and obscene, a further indication of the horrors of sexual difference and the threatening ‘secrets’ of the female body.”
― Ruth McPheeFemale Masochism in Film: Sexuality, Ethics and Aesthetics


I decided to write a poem on it.I do not know if I will muster the courage to perform it anywhere.Kindly let me know in the comment section about how you feel about poetry on such topics or drop a few of your own lines.I would really appreciate it.


I have always loved breaking the rules.

But sometimes

I am left broken

By other things


What breaks me is hearing how

People bleed to death

Yet my own kind bleeds.

Not many understand that

My kind craves no mortal honour

But support

Through a cycle of resilience

When stamped by a signature of womanhood

We crave Support

As we

Are belted down

By our very nature on a regular basis

That has now been dabbed

As a source of shame

That brands us

As the new breed of aliens.

And we’re told to be silent

About this able-bodied qualification of womanhood


If menstruation matters,

Then why do we suffer silently?

Do you sense my frustration?

I am not saying we should voice it out loud

How red rose petals are raining in our panties

Or the intensity of the rain or

Pain that spreads quickly

Right from

From the spine

Stretching freely throughout

The back

Flexing through nausea

From the throat

To the tummy before

Making rent in the seat of my trousers

Leaving my head bobbing

The persistency of aching


The hormonal interplay

Never ceases to amaze me

With episodes of clownery to foolery

That leaves me cramped

As my thighs are painted red

When I am not padded.


Don’t voice that out.

It is tormenting to hear, isn’t it?


What I am simply saying is

Before you tell me to suffer silently

Or suggest how  apparently I am not good at having my period

Understand my proposed rule of thumb

Even after letting you off

Having qualified us as society’s new breed of aliens

Understand that


we bloom

We may ask for some room


Our bodies love to travel

For a span of days



I know

I will

See you again

around the same time,next month


Just in case I don’t travel

Remember the route

Through which you were nursed

It is

By this very blood.


Blessings and Bliss

©Justified Ecstasy 2017


The cover photo is from a friend George

Last photo is VSCO mobile enabled shot taken by me.




  1. iamkarungi

    I LOVE this babe. i read somewhere and i quote “i think girls over exaggerate cramps” said by a man and i was totally dumbfounded given i usually have a comeback for everything. i totally relate to this post and i think people should try to accomodate this entire subject and take it within their stride because surely this is where our story begins. ALL OF US

  2. wow.. problem is that women don’t support women. a fellow woman may cause her colleague to be embarrassed about her P’s instead of supporting and empathizing. The day this problem will be widely discussed is the day the beginning of the end will start. Personally I would urge you to go ahead and perform the poetry publicly but put on a helmet on your head!

  3. “…advertisements for sanitary typically use blue liquid in an attempt to sanitize the reality of blood…”

    Lol… That statement alone shows how brave women are…

  4. The hormonal interplay

    Never ceases to amaze me

    With episodes of clownery to foolery

    That leaves me cramped

    As my thighs are painted red

    When I am not padded.

    I like this stanza,, you should try performing it to know why,,,
    I have an idea too. I wonder why girls who wear figure hugging, short and revealing clothes say they don’t do it for men.(please guest post for me on that) Reach me at

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  6. We belittle others thinking we would empower ourselves… seemingly placing ourselves in proime positions in the man-eat-man society. That’s why it has always been that all trash talk is thrown against women… my point of view. Change in attitude, rspect and love is what we should really etch in our hearts, and the appreciation to female body and person will be much more… Bing lady.

  7. Haha finally! Someone spoke! You know back in the old days, it would be considered a taboo to do so. I’m so glad we’re over those times!

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