Keepsakes and memories **July edition**3minutes read

Hey there ,

Happy New month. We are on to the next one 7/12.

If you have nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse.

 And as usual I give an account of what went down last


month(as I also hope to hear from you.) So right to the matter:

July got me stuck in a funk.

How can I possibly explain this?
You know when you love something and for some reason it loves you back but with a tough kind of love. That is where I was over the past 31days.I tried my best sorry I actually loved this thing(hopefully when it comes to fruition, you can read all about it on this blog) in 31 different ways and boy oh boy did it show me some love.

It’s like the saying no pressure without diamonds but at a point,I questioned whether I really wanted the diamonds.(like what are diamonds in life ?)
Until recently ,I learnt to climb the ladder of success without pocketing my hands. Essentially walking with people who are not so walkable.

 It was not all beer and Skittles working with persons I may not  necessarily gel with but at the end of the day, the job has got to be done. Growing up is hard work, and if it were easy,everyone would be doing it.

But once you give it your best theres no room for regret.I can attest to how regret is the most useless of all emotions.

All in all when you are stuck in a funk,
Keep your mind out of it,Keep your heart at it.-Mugabi Patsy

Happy New month.What was July like for you?

Happy new August to be more specific.

May you never be so lost in the world’s vision to keep your focus on what God has in store for you. Guys, your future is so bright!!!
May you be self sufficient in Christ’s Sufficiency (Phillippans 4:13)

My heart stands particularly with Kenyans in this sensitive democratic season as voting goes down on the 8th.I thank God for the peace that prevails.

All memes are sourced from Rosewood media.
Blessings and Bliss


  1. Thank you so much. I totally relate to this read. We sometimes feel too pressured and wonder if what we are doing is worth it at all. But when the thought of giving up comes around, hold on and wait to see what happens if you don’t quit. Happy new month.

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