WHY THE BASHING?-Conversations with my femininity

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Ever since my last post, I have received many messages and help regards my healing. Thank you for sending sunshine my way.

Oh yes, we are going strong on the mental health series.It will be fetured here as soon as we wrap up with this conversations series.Join us using #MindYourPower across all social media platforms.

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This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a natural festival. I performed a couple of pieces. I would like to know if you would want me to incorporate the audios from sound cloud here on the blog.I also want to say life is so much fun on the either side of fear.

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Don’t despise the day of humble beginnings.

In the spirit of transparency, I have an issue with naturalistas, myself inclusive and instead of whining about it; I am writing about it.

It is only living life truthfully that we can live life.Let’s face it; we can’t face the problem when the problem is right in out face.(Okay that’s enough face for this post.)

I have written a poem dedicated to all the natural hair sisters bashing non-naturals.(#anti-bashing)

NB;Chem refers to Chemical in this piece.


When I measure the displacement from the queens that you are

or distance from your loyal companion,


……. I can sense a false sense of pride and unbridled anger
I hope you hold that anger in ban long enough to make sense out of this

Does my application of Chem somehow make those that choose me less of a woman?
Why are you so beset with fury?
Is it because they are more relaxed with their hair relaxed?
Is it because of your relationship struggles with confusion

especially on days when you watch YouTube Hair tutorials and miss of the steps

or hear acronyms like LOC, LCO, ACV, TWA

The alphabet never rains, it just pours


Is it because that great acquisition super power of breaking combs?
Is it because you feel I have put a ceiling on their brains and

yet somehow Freedom lives on their scalps?
Or is it,
The way they wear these silly tresses.
Does their sexiness offend you?

That receding hairline was part of the process but you let us go

…….and I was left alone hanging
I hope you find balance with new loyal confusion

And loads of growth

And I always remind yourself that inconsistency will leave you stranded
Even with creamy crack,

When I open up and tell you what’s burning me

Understand that I chemical, am still a hot mess

And should that deny me or them the right to be part of this sister unity
Have you forgotten that we are all somewhere between glorious relaxed hairlistas and drop dead gorgeous naturals?
See the thing is
Hair is our crown
You are more of a queen when fix another queen’s crown,
And less when you not
Fixing a crown takes more than a nasty bashing attitude
so understand that
I am more relaxed, relaxed.


Fixing ou hair crowns takes more than a nasty bashing attitude



All these photos are by George Kitavi.

Blessings and Bliss




  1. This is amazing. Here are two reasons why I have loved today’s post:

    1. You write in such a manner that we are able to relate to.

    2. I have loved the feature on mental health awareness. It is something we should often talk about.

    Thanks girl!

  2. That receding hairline was part of the process but you let us go

    …….and I was left alone hanging
    I hope you find balance with new loyal confusion

    And loads of growth


    Dear chemical,I promise to be nice to all who use you😊😊


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