Hey there,

How are you doing?

Last week, was all kinds of beautiful on my end. How was yours?

Allow me to thank you again for contributing to my healing journey which is an ineffable experience.

This means we will had back to the conversations with my femininity series for the two following Sundays. Mental health will be the order of the day right after. I hope you stick around through the entire party.


Back to the matter,

If you can vividly recall my episode of depression that shared in the previous post,I choose to act on it  instead of wallowing in the pain.I could have not done it without the help of an able-bodied team that redefines the word PHENOMENAL.

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A few members of the A team(sounds cheesy but that’s the name that popped up first)

My colleagues and I are voicing out a mantra you may have heard before and we will not get tired of voicing out #MINDYOURPOWER

We indulged in #Anxiety Monday#Depression Tuesday with a very able-bodied panel#Bipolar Wednesday we had a showcase with music and spoken word poetry#Eating Disorder Thursday#Obsessive control Disorder Friday.



This post is basically a collection of carefully arranged metaphors from the A team.

We want you to crave these truths  too.

@Boys with mental illness.You are not less of a man because you have panic attacks.You are not less of a man because you have anxiety.Your are not less of a man for having depression.You are not less of a man for having mental illness.And let no one tell you otherwise~Wambui Kangara

Brokenness leads to such beautiful art; Remember just because you are broken does not mean you are not beautiful ~Mailu


From Spit; If you have arrived, you have survived ~Jay




I am excited  to share my collection of poems with Jade Novelist this November.

If a picture says a 1000 words, here is a couple more.

The shots taken below are by Elie Obati.


If you would love to share your story on mental health,kindly email me at

Blessings and Bliss
















  1. You have no idea how happy its made me to see this! I just got done writing about eating disorders & you have also talked about the same. I’m so proud of how you & your team is bringing awareness to the seriousness of mental illnesses. Well done, friend! 🙂

  2. This is amazing. Sad that i am seeing this late. I would like to be part of such events and talks please because yes Mental health Matters!

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