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Hey there,
October ended, and November is upon us. Thank God for how far we have come.
Thank you for your support towards Justified Ecstasy, (guys really, thank you is such an understatement.)
Btw-I have give-away goodies in stock for us this month, so keep the comments coming.
October’s keepsakes and memories were something else. In fact, it was the most refined taste of freedom all year.

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The woman I am becoming is proudly sponsored by fresh air of liberty over the last 31 days;
My highlights ;
Keep P(l/r)aying.
Do you know that moment when you are in formation but not in movement? You can’t influence the outcome, most times but you cannot also afford to remain stuck where you are right now (in failure, pain, distrust, unforgiveness, you name it). Can anyone relate?
I learned to press play after a pause and not press stop. Fall, seven times, stand up 8. Would you rather live having known you leaped forward or die having not tried?
I watch guys buy what they want and struggle for the freedom they need.

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watch them too with the lens of your eye

People should feel free to free themselves; through the hard times, let the smell of impossibility seep out of your skin.This is why I think it is important to always fart out loud.
You are so powerful, You can create; If you don’t believe me, the next time you are in the throne room(aka the toilet), don’t bee to shy to peep at what you can create.
My sister in prosperity and possibility, Lisa Nichols has some amazing stuff on her YouTube Channel that has helped me take charge of the driver’s seat in my life.You can create the abundant life you want.
“By the mere fact that we have air in our body, the universe says you have the right to prosperity and abundance. ― Lisa Nichols “
One nugget she constantly affirms is; “You are a miracle. You deserve miracles. Allow them to flow into your life with ease and grace, knowing that you are deserving of all the prosperity and abundance that you desire.”

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You are a miracle.

2.Love anyway.
I am no expert but there’s no mystery to it. Love yourself first. Fuel yourself because the world picks up on the way you choose to love yourself.
However, love people from a distance if they are toxic, negative, even those boys that keep treating you like the gym; Showing up when they want to and leaving when they want too.
It is true; hurt people, hurt people and broken people well….. Broken crayons still color, right?
Loving yourself is just as important as loving other people even when broken.
I have myself permission to drive my car of life (Very refined version now that my birthday is around the corner) to an amazing destination where I am watching impossibilities become possible.
What would happen if you stopped standing halfway knocking at the door of explosive thinking?
3.Be in command.
You may be busy but not productive. Have you been in a moment when you are excessively in demand? Have you ever been overly committed? You can start by exercising your(your and you’re) no, and prioritize your priority when your hands are full.
Micro-time management is helping me keep afloat amidst distractions. On my schedule, I use names of result I have in mind for example instead of labeling working out I would write, let’s bring sexy back or for a poetry session, I write; let’s grow our craft.
Also, what is helping me to move forward is staying near of people whose presence keeps me on my tip toes because they do everything big. THINK, WORK, MOVE, BELIEVE, BIG? What would happen if you tried this.?

So, remember to download this e-book which  I have been working on with Jade Novelist available for free on 24th.

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Mind your Power, Power your mind.


Story Moja 2017 was amazeballs with Kagayi Peter, SooManyStories and Phillippa Namutebi.Let the few pictures do the talking.Also peep and see Phillippa Namutebi whose book we reviewed here.

In a nutshell; Be love. Find the light and keep unwavering in your faith.Faith is what you see it, but you believe and may be labeled crazy; because you can quit being optional and start being non-negotiable about having an explosive belief system or like the millennial in me says, I’m so shook from my dreams.

What was your month like?(Ps; This isn’t a monologue)

I need your help on our tagline.

Blessings&Bliss or  Be Blissful & Blessed.







  1. You have a brilliant mind, b. Brilliant. And i’m absolutely in love with that statement, “…name an activity the result you desire…”. It changes alot. Thank you for your beautiful thought-provoking words. Supporting you and cheering you on 🙂 (and blessings and bliss sounds sweet 😊) 🔥❤

  2. My month was a blessing, even with the sad moments, the sleepless nights due to exams. I learnt through Ephesians 3:20 that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all and knowing that,I cannot complain.

  3. Exquisite description of our bodies being a drum of life. Like when you said “air” within the body, first thing that crept into my mind was the whole cycle of chi… Like good chi and bad chi. This has helped me realize my own decisions in everyday life

  4. Christine Nyaware

    For sure, even broken crayons still paint. I love the article, always on point.

  5. Blessings and bliss has a nice ring to it. N I support you on the love yourself cz after all you’ve got only one chance to do so

  6. Yaaay to goodies.

    “Fuel yourself because the world picks up on the way you choose to love yourself.”

    My October was beautiful,it provoked me to do things I wouldn’t normally do.

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