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What are y’all ecstatic about?
I am particularly ecstatic that you spared the time to read about the Young African Thinkers Conference.(Kenya Chapter).As a financial economist in the making, this was an opportune moment to contribute to realizing the envisioned Africa.


The entire team

Young African Thinkers Conference (YATC)is an intense brainstorming convention on creating a better Africa.(Shame on you, if you still think that Africa is a country, it is a beautiful continent, is it not?

Here’s why you should care about Africa;
Creating African content like this places us in the driver’s seat of leading long-lasting positive change rather than being led.Content enables us to change the narrative and create dialogue.In my humble opinion, without content, you are just another slay queen or the equivalent.Guess how much a slay queen gains in terms of weight,(wait for it).
An Instagram.A like is very lightweight; neither full nor heavy.
I dream of a time where we all are heavyweight or rather well fed, not in terms of bellies but our spirits.

I along with a few selected youth acted on our dreams by being a part of the conversation to start a new trend for Africa.
We all can expand by degrees, but what comes next?A limitless expansion or what I consider an explosion is very practical when we expand in numbers, is it not?

In a day an time as this where tribal lions are feasting on communities, it is about time that we join the cause of tribal celebrations.My tribe is one Kenya.My tribe is one Uganda.
The thing about our diversity is that it serves as a double edge sword; uniting and dividing us.The three-day event was closed by our presentations of practical solutions that were presented to us.The thematic areas included Health, Education, Technology, National Cohesion, Technology, Finance, and Technology.

I was serving as part of the Finance and economics team and we were tasked to weight the reality of macroeconomic stability in terms of long-term saving as the youth.

H.E Chana Pindi, Tanzanian Ambassador to Kenya echoed for the youth to create change and not excuses #hakuna michezo.Where are you as a youth taking Africa five years from now?
The MCA Mlango Kubwa, Patricia Mutheu implored us to celebrate our diversity without fighting others.
Senior Pastor Of CITAM, Jesse Mwai challenged us to make problem-to solve a habit, just the way we have done with excellence.

Dr.Manu Chandaria voiced out a clarion call to us as leaders of today to take our positions and execute an action.”If you have an ego, you have a pocket too?Put it in there.Ego doesn’t build you.”
Dr. Betta Mengistu Of Beza International Ministries delved into how “bus fare” changes everything.If it worked for him, it can work for us too.”SME’s fail miserably or cease to continue to create large-scale employment because they lack “bus-fare”.
Misael Milkias reminded us to pay the price of causing change and break every association with the entitlement mentality.

Major thanks to the entire Organization team from Beza International  Ministries in Addis-Ababa and International Christian Centre, Kenya.
The UN-Habitat Director, Christine Mucici, we thank you “bus fare” that you gave as the Young Thinkers in Kenya.
Join the conversation.t


All these lovely photos are by George Mimano

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  1. Hey. I completely agree with what you said about creating our own content. If we constantly give our stories to others to tell them we’re also giving them the power to change the narratives in anway they like because after all if it weren’t for them no one would even know our story exists.
    This is a great post.

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