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If you are looking for a crazy Adrenalin factor and thee Adventure of adventures.You are in the right place.Read on;

This festive season, you can subscribe to an unforgettable experience like I did when I finally answered the call of the wild and went to the forest; Situated in the heart of Aberdare ranges.A few breathtaking snapshots I took look more or less like this;

Isn’t it funny how people these days are quick to jump to conclusions about its just a forest among the Amazon, Scandinavian or Congo rain forests?

Conclusions like these that skyrocket above the smoke from the crispy chappatti, I am thinking of making after writing this.
Such conclusions are staying in 2017, since when is an adventure not so adventurous because it makes you want to feel the rain in your underwear.
Let me introduce you to  Thee adventure;Forest flying which is a fancy way of saying zip lining.It is a virtual flying experience along the lines that are as long as long as the Standard Gauge Railway, okay that’s hyperbole.Here’s a small snippet.(This is me doing my thing.)

There are so many other activities ranging apart from Zip lining that you get to indulge in; fly fishing, archery, mountain biking, tree planting and team building.

And of course what is an adventure without an amazing barbecque.
Right shoes.Loads of hype check.Sweaters or warm clothing.
Fun fact.
no cash is allowed payment is only online or through mpesa.Make your booking today here.

It costs KES 1500 for two lines and KES 2500 for six lines.
If you’re set to do zip lining, the last slot for 6 lines is at midday so you have to be there way before.Also set off super early.It took us roughly two hours to get there.


What other adventurous places have you been to and enjoy?.Leave a comment below.


Blessings and Bliss



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