What I wish I knew before going natural!

Honestly, enviri za nacho*, loosely translated as natural hair, are roots I have learned to embrace. In fact, since I am being totally honest; My wonder woman element is always unleashed when my hair is on fleek.In my mind’s eye, the image is crystal clear with my hands on my hips; a superhero cape is flapping behind my every move and my comb stuck in this kaweke.

Three naturlistas on a mission.

Natural hair is a journey that’s not beer and skittles. (Someone clearly misses composition writing). I have been at it for four years and if there’s anything I would change, it’s all the juice I am writing about in today’s post.

First of all, break all the rules. Length isn’t everything, in fact, get that idea and throw it out of the window, like as soon as yesterday.

It is okay to make mistakes! Celebrate every one of them, after all, it is your own mane, you are rocking, Kawekefied Queen!

Julie in her wonder woman element.

Wash day is an actual sport. If you know, you know especially if you do your own hair like me. The entire mumble of pre-poo, wash, shampoo, deep condition and what not munage* your saloon lady or gentleman has your change if she hasn’t been doing this.

You have to be patient. It isn’t for you if you’re not willing to put in a few hours.

Wosanyisa n’obudde, oweede!*Banage, it is an entire process to get your hair on fleek.Sometimes, confusion is my companion when I watch YouTube tutorials and miss out one of the steps. Or when the alphabet rains with the acronyms ACV, LOC, LCO, etc. but like Kemiyondo Coutinho, says “Trust the process, Hold the vision.”

Left;Julie Right;Gigi

Speaking of vision, mbu* there’s good hair out here! That is one lie I have heard from long ago when teacher gundi* who taught sciences comprises matter. What really matters is that you take your time and know what works for you, and your own hair and sometimes the good hair is crotchet hairstyle. (Yes, I am speaking from experience)

I do not have to keep breaking the account to get products. I am guilty of being a product junkie (having too many products that I barely use) I can actually make my own product. I wish to share how to make your own deep conditioner-DIY.

Shrinkage is a good thing! You learn to appreciate it.Your hair isn’t going to grow longer in an instant with all the supplements or products you include.Left;Gigi Right;Your WCW

Satin is certainly a keeper. This is mainly for moisture retention as well to stop the cotton from stripping and breaking my hair. The bandana is lovely, but ditch it(someone sounds like a high school matron) .It is all cotton that creates friction as your toss and turn that eventually breaks your hair. I think we should have Carol Tichie from Apparel and Accessories showcase her satin bonnets here pretty soon.

Regular trims are healthy! Your hair will grow and glow after a healthy trim speaking of which my regular trim is due!

Your girl has gots to go! But forget, self-love is key on this journey! Love your curls and embrace them.

Big shout out to my good friend and photographer of the day Rhona Bata.

As well as my girlfriends aka the cover girls .What are friends for?

All three Phenomenal Wonder Women.


This is what they wished they knew;

Julie says “I wish I knew I didn’t have to forsake my true identity in the beginning so that I could be worthy of acceptance”.

Gigi says, “I didn’t know that I had to invest time to make it work. You literally have to take care of it every day. I didn’t know that was necessary. Oh! Plus you have to invest. It demands patience. But all that is nothing compared to the results! It is worth it”.

I can’t wait to hear what you wish you knew in the comment section below.

Blessings and Bliss.

JustifiedEcstasy ©2018


  1. I love, i love this this post Patsy. I like the way its written, so relatable. YAAASSSSSS. and i love the new look of your website……You go girl…xooxox

  2. Angella Kristin

    I wish I knew length doesn’t matter I wouldn’t have struggled so hard and damaged my hair in the process 😭

  3. After my senior 6 that is when my natural hair journey began but I wish I knew heat was a terrible idea. My saloon lady didn’t warn me but when I let go of that blow dryer I flourished .

  4. okay!! First of all,moves honey! mooveess!!! 2018 is the year I see.Cheers on moving to this site,looovee it!

    Banage! what with the slang from home ebu cross over to this side ASAP.

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