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Banakampala , a’beh-jinja ,Mukono and the entire 256;I would love to share some brands that have made my natural hair days prior to the Kinks and Kurls Expo Ug,2018 edition.

I have made noise about Satin bonnets in the previous post , and also got a chance to have a heart to heart conversation with Carol Tichie on Apparel&Acessories Ke.

Sit back, relax and Know your brand! Know your hair better!

Here’s what Carol had to say; ”Apparel&Accessories Ke is a luxury self care brand that creates apparels and accessories for the naturally happy, naturally fabulous individuals. Our nappy happy satin bonnet and nappy heads satin pillowcases are our secret weapon to fabulous looking hair and skin. It looks good, feels regal and works magic. “

Guys she isn’t lying to us , my hair always thanks after a good night sleep!

Back to Carol;Who is Carol Tichie?

Carol Tichie

I, Carol Tichie, am a creative at a broader scope, a naturalista and a natural hair enthusiast.(Talk about being unapologetically natural. )My years of experience in fashion design equipped me to significantly contribute to the natural hair community with an essential product that wasn’t easily accessible at the time. My abilty to scope for the right fabric, design a new look and enhance its functionality over time has brought forth life to a product that can now be widely enjoyed by naturalistas and even non- naturalistas everywhere.”

Ba guy, don’t hesistate to gift your curly coily kaweke or Brazilian weave!

So, Carol why did you decide to go natural? What was the inspiration behind creating this brand for natural hair?

I went natural because I was tired with the straight, thinned out relaxer look and the feel of my new growth right before I went for retouch reminded me that there was something special about my natural hair. Going natural opened up a whole new chapter of self love in my book.

My brand started out by the virtue of me sharing. I sat down and designed our nappy happy satin bonnet just for me. My family wasn’t having that so I had to make some for all of the females in my family. My friends as well were outraged that I would make it for myself so now I knew I had to share this creation of mine with the natural hair community at large and I am so happy on how the community received it.

Talk about a girl boss.Tell us, how long have you been natural? (What is your Kawekefied Queen Moment) did anyone inspire you to grow your hair natural?

I will be turning 6 years natural in April. No one really inspired me because when  I did my first big chop in 2009, I didn’t know anything about the natural hair journey though  I can mention women who I have learnt a lot from them  when my journey truly began in 2012 after  my second big chop. Kurly Kichana was among the first amazing natural hair bloggers in Kenya that I came across .On the international scene, Mahogany Curls, played a significant role in introducing me to the Curly Girl Method.


Munage , I think it’s a wrap now.She just shared the CGM!Curly Girl Method.

As a natural hair icon, do you have bad hair days? If yes, how bad on a scale of 1-10?

On a scale of 1-10, I would say 9 because I can procrastinate on washday with no shame!!

(Otyo!There you have it)

On  a bad hair day would you rather (head) wrap it, wig it or hat it or fix it? What accessories would you recommend?

I HAT IT, I have a collection of hats so that I am well covered on those days. I would recommend stocking up on the accessory you choose to work with on those gruesome days.

 Is wash day a sport for you too? The entire work flow from Prepoo, co wash, deep condition ,Loc/Lco up until the end. How can Apparel and Accessories 254 make wash day more manageable?

Wash day truly is a sport and a work out intertwined, if you don’t have biceps by now you are doing washday all wrong hahaha!!

Wearing our nappy happy satin bonnet or sleeping on our nappy head satin pillowcase reduces dryness which most of the time leads to knots and tangles lengthening detangling during washday.

They both also allow your hairstyle to last longer which pushes washday a couple of days further and cuts down on regular manipulating of the hair.

You can also wear our nappy happy satin bonnet over your shower cap to trap in body heat while deep conditioning.

Banage , I just have to ask!How do I go natural without getting broke? Is the Apparels and Accessories brand favorable for a  student such as myself? How so?

You can most definitely go natural without going broke by locking down a regimen then purchasing affordable products to kick start your regimen.

That was one of the reasons why, we at Apparels&Accessories  Ke, placed our price point for our nappy happy satin bonnet in standard size is on the affordable scale so that every woman can at least own one, which can last you up to 2 years without repurchasing. How is that for a bargain!!

( Wama,Carol Talk on it! direct translation is in order)

 We have come all this way on our interview; we cannot let you leave without you sharing your fave products from Apparel and Accessories Ke? Are there any holy grail DIY(DO-IT-YOURSELF)products in your current regimen (those your hair cannot live without except water ) that we should know?

Our product that I am currently obsessing over is our newly launched nightwear set which comprises of our nappy happy satin bonnet and its matching luxurious night gown. Bring out the bedtime cuteness!!

My holy grail DIY has to be what is in my spritz bottle. Currently have green tea, glycerin or aloe vera gel and peppermint essential oil. (Ingredients may change depending on how inspired I feel)

 Lastly, what essential hair advice do you have for those starting their natural hair journey/ or wish you would have known as you were starting out? What goodies from Apparels and Accessories should they not miss out on?

KISS i.e. Keep It Super Simple, every time I spot a new natural they want to buy everything under the sun. Though I do encourage sampling out new products but do it one at a time and within reason. Focus on having your healthy haircare regimen down then sampling will automatically follow.

Sleeping in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase is a crucial part of your nighttime healthy haircare regimen so ensure that you grab our nappy happy satin bonnet or our nappy head pillowcases because your hair and hairline with thank you later.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets;



Be sure to stop by their stand this Sunday, in the mean time here are the social media handles

@caroltichie on facebook and Instagram

@apparelandaccessorieske on instagram

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