Know Your Natural Brand! With Saru Organics

Know Your Natural Brand!

Know your hair Better!

Banakampala , a’beh-jinja ,Mukono and the entire 256*!

Class is in session.Masso ku lutimbe*.I would love to share some brands that have made my natural hair days super duper wow-prior to the Kinks and Kurls Expo Ug,2018 edition.

I have made noise about Saru Organics –A Kenyan brand that always does some justice to my kaweke with their curl pudding.I also have a spoiler alert.There is a giveaway and three winners get to walk home with gift hampers from Saru Organics.

Banage* the strategiser in me could not sit back  and fail to hear two cents from Mkamboi Mwakale, the founder of  Saru Organics Brand.As in akikoola atya*?

Sit back, relax and know your brand! Know your hair better!

Who are you as Saru Organics?And most importantly who is Mkamboi Mwakale?

Saru Organics is a quality beauty care brand that serves the needs of the modern African  woman. This is a brand for the conscious lady who is keen on what her overall body consumes.

What does conscious mean in this context?

Our brand is silicone free, paraben free , sulfate free and most importantly we source our ingredients from our vast rich continent ;be it the raw Shea butter, that is a great emollient from Uganda, (sips tea seeing how endowed the motherland is );Avocado oil pressed from an Avocado fruit that grows in plenty in  Kisii land, moringa oleifera tree that gives us the super moisturizing moringa oil sourced from Taita hills, there is a whole diversity of great special oils within our motherland.

Now here’s the real KB*;

Mkamboi ,she is a child of God, God’s role  in my life is so evident that if I were to draw a life chart in all areas of my life you can easily pick up the time I started walking with God and stopped relying on my own understanding. I am not perfect, far from it I  am still a work in progress. I have experienced both sides of life with Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and life without Him. Honestly,I would not trade my relationship with Him. He is all I need; everything else you have worked so hard on can be gone, your closed ones too can leave you…where would your anchor be? I found my purpose and my comfort in Him. In everything I do my desire is to glorify and lift His holy name.

(Cheiii ,Talk about the truth setting us free!God is indeed a Gentleman opening up all these doors for us)

My experiences have shaped the woman I am today. Becoming a single parent a bit earlier than my age mates made me set my priorities in life very different and get focused. I consider it a blessing in disguise, I am not sure I would have done this much if I was still young  free soul I was. So yes, I have embraced motherhood and the blessings it came along with.

(No athlete talk,she is telling us as is!Fuel your vision guys.Okay , I hear you shh-shhing me;Back to Mkamboi.)

Care to share why you decided to go natural? What was the inspiration behind creating this brand for natural hair?

I went natural out of being broke. I just couldn’t afford the weekly salon visits to take care of my hair and I had diapers to buy with very limited resources. So I chose to do the ‘big chop’ and then I had to learn how to take care of my own crown without salon visits. I can’t remember the last time, I had to visit a hair stylist. It was liberating and I enjoyed that bit…thou I am a very lazy natural if my styling is anything to go by.(Banage, we are not alone in this struggle)

Contrary to what people believe, I didn’t start the brand with a plan, it was very accidental. My child kept on getting sick, I was tired of the many antibiotics the doctors kept on prescribing. It  was getting frustrating each time she was down with a flu and I didn’t have a better solution. Then a friend from Nigeria (A sister-oooh)urged me to try Moringa powder which I am glad I did.

The discovery of this tree led to many things and among them was realizing it grew in my home yard back upcountry but the farmers were yet to reap its benefits. I can remember, how they spoke with nostalgia about the plant and wondering why it didn’t fetch as much economic benefit with all the praises it fetched. Yes, it is a ‘ miracle tree’ , I had first hand experience about this claim when my daughter was not fighting flu all the time and no longer in antibiotics, and that’s how I begin a thorough research on the plant with the hope of finding its viability to benefit the farmers. Coincidentally I was required to do a project for my Global Social Entrepreneurship c class and this was just an excellent opportunity to use my research for my project. Well one of the best things I came to learn was the Moringa oil properties and its high percentage content in behenic acid, the main moisturizing element for skin and scalp. I started off by selling this oil as I went on to research on value addition, hence the Saru brand was born.


Wow!Talk about captivating.A real girl boss.(for reayo-reayo)how long have you been natural? (Kawekefied Queen Moment) did anyone inspire you to grow your hair natural?

I used to be natural for the longest time in my life, all the way till campus. Then I felt my hair needed some wow factor,  I liked the silky relaxed hair my friends had and wanted to have the same experience and thus changed from being natural. However after 5 years with relaxed hair and the weekly salon visits I couldn’t keep up, circumstances made me go for the big chop. I was not much inspired about it at first, till I started embracing me, and giving much attention to my looks…it does change how you view yourself really and then I realized my tight coils that defies gravity actually look good on me, there was no turning back after this. Lately, I get inspired with people who are quite creative with their natural hair and with social media that inspiration is not far from you. I do like seeing Africans wearing their crowns confidently on the global stage, it gives such presence and a persona you cannot ignore, with personalities like Chimamanda Ngozi.


So,As a natural hair icon, do you have bad hair days? If yes, how bad on a scale of 1-10?

Oh yes I do!! I am a lazy one and my creative juices flow on mood swings I guess. May be we can give it a 4.

On a bad hair day would you rather (head) wrap it, wig it or hat it or fix it?What Saru product would you recommend?

I fix it dear, not unless I can get ready made wraps…I will not make a good wrap to save my life. Here is what works fact for me, a spritz bottle that has water, my favourite product of all time Saru Organics 3 in 1 leave in  conditioner and Avocado oil. I will spray water on my edges and the nappy hair as I ‘finger comb’ the hair shafts, then apply some oil on 4 sections of the scalp and a bit on the hair strands then do the leave in, and the hair is back to a lively look. I will do a kinky fro, which is easier or a high puff and I am good to go.

(There you go guys, she just simplified the regimen, thank her later at the expo)

So, Is wash day a sport for you too? The entire work flow from Prepoo, co wash, deep condition ,Loc/Lco up until the end. Can Saru products possibly make wash day more manageable?

Time is quite a challenge to accommodate a lot that goes to what you have described up there, I am always having a million things to do and then there is family time that I am keen not loose out. So I do not pre poo, but with the Saru Organics Revitalizing Clay Cleansing Shampoo, I am sorted since it never leaves hair stripped of its oils…and it does an amazing job of detangling and conditioning the hair too. I never have deep conditioner for more than 15 minutes , so I would be done within 30 minutes on a weekly routine. I prefer LOC,  my hair is low porosity and I realized it works better when the leave in is the last in my regimen.

The thing about  Saru Organics brand is that they make wash day an enjoyable time, our R & D(research and development just in case you’re wondering) was created with the main focus being the very kinky hair, where clients used to think their hair is hard and unmanageable, they found out a new normal with our products. It dentangles the knotts easily, conditions the hair leaving it soft and moisturized…

You have to try us and see why clients are getting hooked and choosing the #Saruliscious way.

I hate being broke because  I am going natural. Is the Saru Organics brand favorable for a student such as myself? How so?

If you love value for your money then you will make a worthy sacrifice to what you believe is a good investment. I know with natural products the cost is way above the conventional products in the market but can you compare the results really.

Natural brands offer nourishment to your hair, more like giving your Hair what it needs and it will thank you . Sometimes the end goal must determine the chosen route . This was one factor we thought carefully before deducing our prices and we made a delicate balance that allows the average customer such as a student who knows value for money to be able to afford our products yet at the same time meet our cost of sales with a modest margin to keep the company growing. This model can be tricky, if you do not get the numbers.We have also curated hair packs that gives you a whole package for taking care of your hair from an  hair oil to a deep conditioner with as low as USD 25.00 which just ka 90k for loads of hair goodies.

The entire set

We have come all this way on our interview; we cannot let you leave without you sharing your fave products from Saru Organics? Are there any holy grail DIY(DO-IT-YOURSELF)products in your current regimen (those your hair cannot live without except water ) that we should know?

I swear by Saru Organics 3 in 1 leave in conditioner, it is the one thing you should not leave if you were to buy just one product! It will sort you out a big one I promise especially if you leave your hair open most of the times.

(Which reminds me I going to share my review on Saru products very soon, I am going to be brutally honest after choosing the #Saruliscious way )

Lastly, what essential hair advice do you have for those starting their natural hair journey/ or wish you would have known as you were starting out? What goodies from Saru Organics should they not miss out on?

Mmh..don’t allow the pressure on social media confuse you, every hair will communicate what it loves and what it does not respond to if you become patient with it. It is not a complex journey, a simple regimen of just water and coconut oil can do so so great for your hair without leaving you broke, with time you will figure out what leave in is best for you, what shampoo your hair prefers ;is it a bar shampoo or a liquid one? If liquid what key ingredients work for my type of hair.

If I were to ask you to trust our brand on your hair journey, it is because we would like to see your mane prosper and we will walk with you and help you find the best fit.

It’s a wrap!

So the giveaway is simple:

• Follow KinksandKurlsExpoUG & Justified Ecstasy on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.
• Go to the Saru Organics exhibitor alert post on the Kinks and Kurls Expo page and in the comments- Name one thing you like about your hair, your body and yourself.
• Winner stands to get an essential hair pack hamper from Saru Organics (it has a Revitalising Clay Cleansing Shampoo, 3 in 1 Leave-in Conditioner, Hair Growth Masque, Shea & Avocado Butter curls pudding and Macadamia nut oil) – everything you’d need to sort your hair.
• Winner will have to come to the Expo to pick up their gift from the Saru Organics stand

(3 winners will be picked at random. Meaning one winner from Twitter, one winner from Instagram and another winner from Facebook)

Added adavantage if you comment here!(No bribery, just saying)

Be sure to visit their stall this Sunday at the kinks and Kurls Expo.

In the meantime, here’s their  include social media handles.

See you this Sunday!Get your tickets here;




  1. Meg Mwaka

    Nice post…good work….saru organics are my next to buy products and this post has motivated me more.
    What i like most about me is my hair(though a new natural)…and my eyes they tell a lot about me

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I am super glad to celebrate and walk with you along this journey of fascinating womanhood

  2. Oi! Convincing review! ❤

    Soo the thing I love about my natural hair is the fact that it is really soft and “off-black” in colour. Hihi. Like it’s not black but it’s almost Brown so it complements my light-ish skin tone, and looks really beautiful with twist-outs 😅

    I’ve never used any products in it, it’s really soft and easily broken, so it hasn’t grown much for a long time. I would like to start now, and I’m excited to be at the expo! 💃

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Super stocked to have you at the expo and girl you are not alone

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