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Know Your Natural Brand!

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Banakampala , a’beh-jinja ,Mukono and the entire 256*!

Class is in session.Masso ku lutimbe*.I would love to share some brands that have made my natural hair days super duper wow-prior to the Kinks and Kurls Expo Ug,2018 edition.

Today we are featuring Afrolution!Having interviewed one of the founders,Samantha Ocero.

Who is Afrolution?what juicy details can we get to know about you?

Afrolution  is a brand of organic hair and skin products made by PavingAfrica Limited which is a company started by a group of passionate Ugandan ladies to cater for the African hair & beauty needs. Our passion is helping African men & women feel confident in their own skin through providing healthy and quality products handmade by us.

Our products currently include Shampoos, Deep Conditioners, Hair Sprays, Leave-In Conditioners, Curl Definers, Shea butter and Hair Styling services. Our founders are; Samantha Ocero, Mercy Kamya, Ella Kasirye, Martha Kenyange and Elijah Faizal.

Samantha, why join the natural hair craze; some have even mistaken to be a source of shame?What was the inspiration behind creating this brand for natural hair?

I decided to go natural in 2014 when my frustration with hair breakage led me to discovering a Youtuber called Naptural85 on YouTube that had the longest healthiest natural hair I had ever seen. I was amazed at the possibility of my hair actually being that long and shocked about all mistakes I and everyone I knew was making and all the natural ingredients all around us in our homes and in our communities that were great for our hair and skin that we never thought to use. My curiosity then led me into researching about black hair history, methods, oils. I discovered a whole new natural hair community on YouTube and made the decision to cut my hair and start afresh, this time, experimenting with a lot of the food stuffs, oils, methods, styles I had learnt. The results I got were phenomenal and I was often asked what I was using. I wanted to spread this awareness and help other women achieve the hair they only dreamed about which I now knew was possible, so I talked to a few of my friends who were also naturalistas, we teamed up and Afrolution was born.

How long have you been on this natural hair journey? Your (Kawekefied Queen Moment) did anyone inspire you to grow your hair natural?

I have been natural for 3 years and 8 months now. I was inspired to go natural by the awesome Youtuber, Whitney White(Naptural85) and a few other Youtubers e.g. BeautifulBrwnBabyDoll

Samie(as you can see we are on nick-name basis);this convo is escalating first.As a natural hair icon, do you have bad hair days? If yes, how bad on a scale of 1-10?

Yes, I do have some bad hair days but most definitely fewer than the number of bad hair days I had when starting out. I guess with time, you learn what works for your hair, and how to manage such days. On a scale of 1-10, 3.

On a bad hair day would you rather (head) wrap it, wig it or hat it or fix it? What Afrolution would you recommend?

I would love for my answer to be head wrap it because I think that that’s such a convenient way out, and stylish too but for some reason my head wrapping doesn’t quite yet come out the way I picture it, so I always end up having to just fix my hair and the Afrolution product that always saves me on such days is the Afro Spritz. It just opens my hair up, and makes it easy to quickly finger comb and style. It turns my hair from dry to moisturized and soft in minutes. Plus I always get compliments on my hair when I style with it. So I’d definitely recommend the Afro Spritz.

Be brutally honest.Is wash day a sport for you too? The entire work flow from Prepoo, co wash, deep condition ,Loc/Lco up until the end. How can Afrolution make wash day more manageable?

This is actually a very good question. I’m the type that dreads wash day! Just the whole process would take me so long that I found it easier to go to saloon and just tell them what to do while relax and we understand what a struggle it can be for so many naturals as well, that’s why Afrolution is working on officially opening up a saloon (girl bosses unite,right )where our naturals can sit back and relax knowing their hair is in safe and knowledgeable hands and the best products are being used made by us naturals that get it. Wash day should be a relaxing experience.

Girl, talk to me;How do I go natural without getting broke? Is the Afrolution brand favorable for a student such as myself? How so?

I strongly believe that Afrolution is the most favorable natural hair brand for any income level, especially University Students! We started Afrolution while at the University which means our university friends were our first customers and that really did help us shape our pricing model to cater for this market. We were university students ourselves and in order for us to purchase our own products, we needed them to be price friendly, so definitely, Afrolution caters for University Students.

So,how do you go natural without going broke?

Focus on the basics, buy the basics. There are so many oils and products on the market that do almost the same things. So spend only on the basics and a few others only if you must.


We have come all this way on our interview; we cannot let you leave without you sharing your fave products from Afrolution? Are there any holy grail DIY(DO-IT-YOURSELF)products in your current regimen (those your hair cannot live without except water ) that we should know?


It’s hard to decide which Afrolution product is my favorite because I really love, trust and believe in them all. And each really works amazingly for me. But I must say, my absolute favorite is the Afrolution Afro Spritz. I simply cannot go a day  without it, literally. It’s one of those things If I travel, I pack first. Very essential for me. I don’t really use any D-I-Y products for my hair these days because Afrolution has a product for every single facet of my hair regimen and the products are organic too. So I use Afrolution for everything. (talk about brand loyalty, we should get Afrolution cards too)

Lastly, what essential hair advice do you have for those starting their natural hair journey/ or wish you would have known as you were starting out? What goodies from Afrolution should they not miss out on?

The most important piece of advice I would give is to be patient and consistent. (this is the third time, we have said it this week)Especially during the TWA(tinny winny afro which I will be covering in depth very soon) stage which can be very challenging, just stay patient and consistent.

Also, again like products, even for your hair regimen, just focus on the basics. What Afrolution goodies? Everything! Get yourselves the Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, Hair Spritz, Shea butter, Curl Definer, just get it all. I really believe you will love them! Plus, if you need your natural hair styled, we do that too! And we give free hair advice as well! So don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles are all @Afrolutionug

What Afrolution product is giving your hair good good loving?


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