KinksAndKurls #2018 Edition

Wow, Guys! Can someone take me back to 26th March? Ask me, a senior eater of life what went down.

The Kinks and Kurls Expo was fire; the ghetto in me demands to be heard; it was extra,magic and fly which can be translated into Uglish for  buladehhh* banage.This expo had breathtaking views of gorgeous manes and products for both hair, skin and the entire wellness.Of course, I spotted some mandevu* tribesmen around and again I must say it was buladeehh.*

We kickstarted all the action at 11; 30 am.The fourth expo in my honest opinion was grand and bigger than last year’s. This year was very inclusive and was quite interactive. I was awestruck by the creative juices spilled that day, the hair styling demos and fashion game(let me be brutally honest and tell you the truth!guys did not come to play ).


I must admit I successfully stole a few tricks to help with the lower belly fat from the fitness sessions. The children banage! they had the time of their lives playing at the adventure park for the day. The photo booth well…….. let’s wait for the photos.Okay, I hear you, a sneak peek just for you.

Kudos to all The Kurl Friends (the organizers of this event) banage;(if you are reading this, you guys are the real embodiment of badassery, like Wonder woman has got nothing on you).You literally  had us on our toes with the activity bars such as the travel bar where we got amazing travel deals with Round Bob(Why am I saying we;Lamu here I come)Then there was an amazing makeup bar, where the girls got glammed up with Sabrina ; Not to make you jelly(my niece says that to mean jealous, banage kids of these days anyway like I was saying )we all sort of channeled our inner diva.


 The braid and turban bar was my fave, they went all out with an African touch, free hair styling from Kentaro and turban sessions from Ubwiza(Charlyn and Malaika if you’re reading this, God bless your hearts for spilling your creative juices that day, don’t stop until your brands break the internet)

The exhibitors were quite a plethora.I was super stocked to see how diverse the Ugandan market has become.We make our own amazing natural hair products.


Of course, Saru Organics came through all the way from Kenya.(If you are new to this blog, Saru Organics has made my hair days bomb diggy bomb).I am so proud to say Kampala is now Sarulicious.

Saru Organics CEO,Mkamboi

Banage the conversations were juicy; right from the hostess, Judithiana who hyped up the audience.We delved into Alopecia with Fiona Kemi, got all the deets about skincare from Clare Oparo.

With Fiona Kemi

Boy, Oh Boy!The ladies that stole the fitness show, Gerry Opoko, and Neli The Fit Foodie who taught us to eat good and look good.Cissy did us some serious justice as she shared her fitness journey.Charlyn debunked some natural myths that I also can’t wait to share my perspective on here very soon.Oh did I mention, I did some Afro Poetry even after I mixed up my lines, it felt like dancing in the sun, refreshing.

My friend, Rowena from Nzuri Textures has some pretty cool shirts available.I got my Kaweke shirt from her(Stop by her blog for more eye candy.


I am very excited about the 2019 edition.If you missed, hmm SMH(there were even free tickets given away); these photos that I shot are specifically for you if you missed out.

Let me know what y’all think about doing this again same time, next year.

Have Big hair and Bigger dreams.

My hair game.

Blessings and Bliss.


  1. Miss.Kizza

    Woow….juicy just.i had fomo to attend this year but was unable year i will def passby.
    Thanks for the deets on what went down.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you Miss Keez for stopping by.I hope to see you there Godwilling.

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