Kid Lit Chats at Fireplace;Tot Tales

Hey guys, I decided to switch things up here.So, instead of the usual Sunday evening post, I put up one today because I  had to disseminate some very important information;

Before I announce my kalango*, I must admit that as I write this; I am high in spirit.

What I am high on, is some other level of happiness, you will soon know where the ecstasy lies.(I promise it is worth it).On your marks, set, set, go! go! go get yourself some of this infectious happiness.(wondering where to go, simply scroll down and read on)

I am super stoked to have volunteered at the third edition of Tot Tales.It is a book club for children aged 4-12 years.I was part of the Bugolobi chapter that meets regularly at Aida’s place.

I am in awe of this because;

One.I did not have this privilege while growing up.

Two; I didn’t even get to listen to the stories around the fire from my grandparents.

Three; I am a proud sapiosexual.

So, this is why I could not hesitate to volunteer my time at the book club.

Aida’s place is a space for your siblings and children to have just the right kind of fun and most importantly become art-prenuers.They get to learn screen time computer basics, robotics classes, and reading activities such as the book club by Sooo many stories.In my humble opinion, these children embody the word phenomenal.

The children did not come to play, what they were dripping in finesse and showed all their prowess creatively and figuratively.(ask us who volunteered)

A few were shy, but once they started speaking it made me wonder why I  was not thinking that way doing at such a tender age. They thought to go have fun and sharpen their skills as they prepare to spill their creative juices here on the internet.

Okay, they had to play, because all work and no play makes all of us dull Jacks and Plain Janes.

(Look at these girl bosses striking a pose)


Be a good citizen, pay your taxes and attention to this post( okay, let’s not roll eyes just yet!)

Bring your children and siblings(they will definitely thank you) to Tot Tales while at it don’t forget to pay the taxes that M7 slapped across the faces of loyal Ugandan social media users.

Save the date!Book a spot in advance.

Fourth Edition


All photos here are by Mugume Blair.

Blessings and Bliss!

Leave any questions in the comment section.

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