Banage!This Love Is……

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Hey guys,

Thank you so much for sending sunshine my way on the previous post.

First of all! Yes, I admit that  I have been afraid to risk loving someone and being loved! I think I finally found that someone and then this happened.

Read in between the lines of this poem.(If you relate, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below?)Last request before the poem, which day of the weekend you prefer the posts?Sunday 3 pm or Saturday 9 am?Okay, I hear you, I will not obstruct you anymore!

How do you unfeel a feeling?


When fear and excitement morph into unbridled joy.

I don’t even know how I got here!
Except I do.

I ..I think…I am lost
Lost in the syllables of your name
That found fame
as cities of love
For me to marvel at

As they undulate with poetic grace.

I have now stumbled upon
This language that leaves
my face bright

at the sound of how light

your voice is.

One look at your face
Your doe eyes
Forever in a daze

Your very being
So ravishing
A vision of ecstasy
So tell me
How do I unfeel this feeling?

I can’t seem to find my heart.
I cannot touch it
My heart is untouchable
Your unannounced departure has built a wall around it
How do I yes that?
No way am I saying yes
No way I am going down without a fight
(Read star taafa*Luganda for the star in the movie never dies)
I am the good guy, So

No! you don’t get to treat this heart as a sport
Showing face when you can

Scoring goals of virtual happiness
This heart is not a playground for you to shoot your shot and
And then choose to leave unquestionably!

You’re head was never in the game
But I understand!
You didn’t care, except my heart did!

Okay guys, real talk I know you been here and said this. At least mentally, I spilled the juice now it’s your turn to share went down?

These lovely photos were taken by Elie Obati.


Blessings and Bliss.


    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you Miss Keez!I roger that, heal the hurt away!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I could reveal him except that I now know him in past tense

  1. Hell yeah, been there. The voices in my head. Love is strange. And feeling leading to it more strange. Very truthful poem this one. Thank you

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you, Rhonah, for making the time to drop by!I see you were triggered as well.Cheiii

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you Phelis for stopping by kumbe you were also triggered!

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