Taking Stock One

Good people! You know what’s as liberating as releasing a fart after holding it near your crush, it’s taking stock! (I see you judging) In the spirit of accountability, we’ll be doing a segment- taking stock! It’s inspired by Sharon Mundia and Kendi Maudhui. The Keepsakes and Memories Segment is still on! Look out for May towards early next month.


Making: a lot more sense of who I am becoming in terms of making some risky girl boss moves this month. My mantra remains that my will to overcome is greater than the temptation to give up. This means hopefully more YouTube content! I am super ecstatic to move from a place where I have not shown up to celebrate myself.

 Cooking: Loads of Kineybwa* (an exotic Ugandan sauce made from groundnuts). But to be honest, I think I am mostly binge eating because I am a tad homesick (the food especially) even after settling back in Nairobi for close to a month.

 Drinking: Loads of tea, Chamomile, Masala …Eh Love tea, thank you Kericho Gold, my tea plug.

 Reading: Yvonne Owuor’s Dust as well as the recent Writivism Anthropology, Odokonyero where a couple of my talented friends have been featured. Get your copy as soon as yesterday! I hope to share its review soon.

Wanting: more authentic relationships! I am turning the technology off and turning the relationships on!

Eating: chocolate! Haven’t gone a day without a KitKat, After Eight and Cadbury Oreo! I am also accepting weekly presents to add to my stash and any recommendations!

Looking: forward to the possibility of me living like I have everything to gain and nothing to lose and resuming music lessons finally playing the guitar! (Ebilungi bili maaso).

 Playing: loads mad chill-hop beats for studying and relaxing sessions.

Deciding: to place the things that bring me peace of mind and soul first! Looking forward to more social media detox because of #mentalslaveryisnotachoice

Wishing: to spill more creative juices to inspire my peers but right before going for a secret weekend gateway to Lamu with you know who! (Trust you read last week’s post)

Enjoying: my solo Zumba workouts! The queen dancer in me is prospering.

Waiting: to stop procrastinating on writing scripts and collaboration proposals and to start driving again after my fast and furious mini accident.

 Liking: So many podcasts on self-fulfilling with Lisa Nichols, Bob Goff, Lewis Howes!

Wondering: why the weather won’t stop being romantic and if I can create an app to transfer battery life from our phones.


 Loving: the phenomenal woman I am blossoming into! I have stopped paying attention to that voice of the doubt (hat little guy on my left with a shield, clad in red leather suit).

Considering: coloring my hair again maybe a blonde shade!

Watching: This is Us! Repeatedly! Lord bless Jack Pearson, wonder how many men know such a sacrificial love? OH yes, guess who is not going to watch Infinity war; if I do, however, my friends are to blame!

Hoping: to read four books this month, (currently reading two) Care to share book recommendations!

Marveling: at how God is such a Gentleman, the way He keeps opening doors for me even when I give up on me!

Needing: nothing but your continued support as I look to shoot 3-minute poetry videos on my YouTube channel.

Smelling: African vanilla! I am a lover of all things Vanilla.

Wearing: loads of kitenge thanks to Kara Designs.

Knowing: and unknowing what I thought I knew (you feel me!)

Thinking: about you know who

 Buying: loads of time to make so many keepsake memories

Getting: hitched or inked soon! In my dreams right!

Bookmarking: my personal growth journey and not necessarily focusing on the goal journey.

Disliking; horrendous Nairobi traffic but I will be fine.

Opening: new chapters of friendships, love, and everything in between

 Giggling: Koinange Jeff’s laughter! I have induced laughter! Also, a mental note of a scene that I saw last week in Nakuru, where the bride refused to be kissed by the groom! (my sense of humor is just fine)

Feeling: super duper ecstatic

Snacking: on more chocolate bars

Hearing: the sound of music in my heart! Wow my God, this month is going to be beautiful, I will embrace it all!


I must agree that sharing  is sexy, so you don’t know what you’re missing out by not sharing your life update in the comment section below!

These lovely photos were taken by Elie Obati.

Blessings and Bliss.



  1. I love love love this blog post. I just might do one myself. A book I’d recommend is What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey and we’re going to need more wine by Gabrielle Union

    • Patsy Mugabi

      First of all, thank you for being a strong support system, Vai!
      Girl, my TBR is looking all kinds of beautiful, thank you, girl!

  2. Kyambadde

    SUper talented the sky is just the foundation to the enormous possibilities of what you can be .

  3. Kyambadde

    This is super enjoyable and full of warmth , how you express to the detail of how you feel about specific things. Awesome work done!!!!!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Eh banage Richard, Kumbe you’re this deep! Thank you for stopping by on this little corner on the internet!

  4. Awwww your blossoming and I am happy for ya. Did you say lamu?take an avid reader and follower with ya-ME.hihihi

    Reading wealth files by Moses Mukisa(its a must read…gerrrit at 20k zokkaa)

  5. Faith Wacha

    Amazing as always!! Loving on the style you used. This post made my day. Just might pick a leaf or two😀😀😁

  6. You had me at Jack Pearson ahaha

    hmm sharing my life update won’t be as interesting because of my ..lack of writing skills but I will attempt by choosing the top three.

    Reading: ‘Damn Good Advice’ by George Lois, some inspiration to keep me going when I get creative block.

    Wearing: booty shorts (only in the house though). HELLOOOO SPRING!!!

    Buying: loads of things I know I don’t need but convince myself will come in handy at some point, ie cocktail umbrellas.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Yas Spring Body! We all need one Jack in our lives!Let’s wait for our girlfriends’ diary series!

  7. Take me to Lamu oso me!!!! I’m loving the personal growth bits and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the YouTube channel so I can pick some ideas for mine when I eventually get the guts to attempt .

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Man, pack your bags as soon as yesterday!
      Thank you, Roland, for dropping by!

  8. Hahaha, been scouting for that Nakuru groom /bride kissing clip…
    So let it be put in the record books that Achman was here.

  9. Awesome post.
    Thinking I should borrow a leaf. 😊

    Also to your Reading List, add Beasts Made of Night by Tochi.

  10. Great post banange!!
    I am just waiting for the YouTube poetry
    I am just waiting for you to recite a certain certain poem that played with my cardiac 🤣

  11. Wow! You do this for one year…no, 6 months and you are a whole other(better off) human bean.
    Why is the comment section so far away from the post though? hehe

  12. I am:
    Hoping:To read more lovely blogs like this.
    Reading: Poetry! Too many unread (hopeless in regard to being read) books stacked up in the TBR chamber
    Hearing: God speak and being obedient enough to do the things He says

    That is enough commitment. hehe
    Lovely photos btw

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you, Pius for sharing this with me!Thank you for your kind words!

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