#Momlife + Giveaway!

Son; Mum who is the head of the home?

Mother; I am.

Son; The Teacher marked my answer wrong.

Quick Question; Who is wrong? Let that marinate for a bit!

Today’s post is proudly sponsored by the letter M! M for Mama Bear# If you’re a Mama if you’re reading this I must let you know you are tea-rrific. (I am a sucker for tea).

Today is Mother’s Day and if you didn’t know, I am not trying to judge you! (Oprah  here  is)

I couldn’t seem to decide between sharing all the juicy details on the myth of shared womanhood and who really run the world -Mothers!

I settled for a Girl Bosses Edition because what is life without mothers, especially on days ending in y? Special shout out to those fathers playing the mother’s role. (doing the happy dance)

Today is another day to spoil your mama or a mother figure in your life (practically and not in theory) Most of you may not know, my mother has been a great father figure and remains wonder woman! There are my sisters as well, for sale, to the highest bidder! (I am kidding. ) They are greatest mother figures under the sun, and I mean that. They are just the best! Why am I getting emotional? (my eyes are watering)

Let’s move on swiftly

In the spirit of motherhood, I must share how being a mother has not been easy! I can read the confusion on your face, I got pregnant with this idea of an online community for kaweke and natural hair reviews and birthed it, so I qualify for a mum!  Right, I wish it were that easy!

Mums are always looking out for the best for you! Just like I am, I will share five mistakes (new and existing) bloggers and influencers are making (and how to fix them).

Right into it!

# 1. Being inconsistent. A few guys I know keep doing this, banage we have invested in the growth of your brand and what a way to reciprocate by being inconsistent.

The first aspect of this is how easy is it for your audience to find you? Personally, I use justified ecstasy across all brands so that it gives that effect…….. like an itch you cannot scratch away

Secondly, ati, you don’t have the time! (Bruh, bruh, bruh …. sitaki kusikiya the Kenyan in me is speaking) In the event you are not able to share your content, let your audience know prior to other social media avenues. We are emotionally invested remember! A few friends have asked me for blogging advice; I always say only start blogging when you are ready to be consistent! My friend, Patience Adeze heeded my clarion call. Her amazing blog speaks volumes on this!

If there’s anything I’d wished I would have known when starting out, is how important it is to have a niche. A niche is your primary goal/focus in layman terms!

Which brings us to mistake #2. Blogging about everything and anything. This is a popular trend among many renown East African Bloggers influencers! (Yes, that may include you!)

Without a niche, then basically your audience has no enticement to hang around your little corner on the internet. Why would they be hooked onto a brand that all over the place? What is your reason for influencing that brand?

What aspects of it are you influencing? You have probably seen me influence for a few local brands only because I trust them! Like the recent giveaway on my Instagram courtesy of The Kinks and Kurls Team and Safe Boda Uganda.

It’s okay to go local on your audience. It is not okay, it is captivating!

If you have noticed, I have a tendency of dropping subtle hints of Luganda or Kiswahili in the blog posts! I am really tempted to start doing a few posts in French, would you guys be open to that?

Mistake#3.Dismissing Search Engine Optimization. SEO Is very essential. Let me say that again SEO IS VERY ESSENTIAL! Before moving to a customized domain, I ignored Search Engine Optimization and yet the Plugins like Yoast SEO are free which explained low engagement in spite of my mind-blowing content.

Have you also not been including hashtags in your posts?

Tip; For hashtags, you can use Auto Hash and Display Purpose!

To get more engagement, I can attest to this, post at the optimal time. Otherwise, you’ll end up repeating #mistake 4.This is made possible by studying the insights from the posts you shared on your social media. For example, you can be assured that there’s a new post every Sunday at 3 pm on all my social media related to what is trending on this blog.

Tip; Post at times divisible by three; i.e twelve, three, six and nine! I break this “rule” a lot.

I stumbled upon an App that can help with this such as Tailwind and the free version works just as fine!

Banage if there’s anything that you must take away from this is post; It to stop trying to go viral! Be vital! That’s #mistake 5. We all saw how it went down with the guy behind #slaverywasachoice!

Sis, save yourself the embarrassment!!! Steer clear of the copycat syndrome, just do you!


Have you been guilty of any of these mistakes like me? Care to share your two cents on which one you agree or disagree with by leaving a comment below!




































  1. I smell a tea party! Indeed, I was very confused about you being a mum. I was like hang on, hang on! Okay now the real business. I agree with you, being inconsistent is probably the worst thing you can do for your online brand. Be vital not, viral, this is a good one! Thank you for sharing these Patsy.

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