Saru Organics Product Review

Here’s a brutally honest review on products from Saru Organics!

Saru Organics Turned one, so I turnt up(pun intended). This review is a bit overdue considering we interviewed the graceful CEO Mkamboi Mwakale a while back. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

my Saru Organics stash


The views expressed here are what works for my hair and may or not work for you because we are blessed with different hair types.

If you’re a guy, this is something you can gift your lady. (trust me on this one)

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My overall 5-star rating would be shy of 0.5. Here’s why I rate it 4.5/5;

The Shea and Avocado curl pudding is my ultimate fave from Saru Organics. The pudding gives my twists bomb definition. I usually twist my hair in a semi-dry state. This means I spritz some water and then apply the product. I love twist outs and Saru Organics always comes to my rescue. The shea butter takes some time to melt but other than that, your hair can thank you later. This is what it did for my hair.

My protective style for the week.

The leave in conditioner from Saru Organics is what I use to condition for LCO. (Liquid, Oil, and water).The scent is popular for many but not so much for me. It smells like ginger and some candy. It the only not wow factor for me. I continue to use it because it contains slippery elm, aloe vera, and rice milk guys! I am fussing because once you read up on its benefits you’ll get my drift. Also, rice water is recommended if you want to grow long natural hair journey.

Saru Organics Hair growth mask is a great deep conditioning and protein treatment. I love the volumizing effect. My mane has some thick tresses. Here’s some pictorial evidence.

Saru Organics has a revitalizing clay cleansing shampoo. The cleansing properties will give your scalp a reason to thank you.

The only product from Saru Organics I am yet to add to my stash is the cold pressed oils.

My friend Rowena, from Nzuri Textures, shared her two cents on the products from Saru Organics which you can read here.

Is there anything else you would love to know about these products? Let me know by simply leaving a comment below.



  1. I love it with a locally made product works. I have tried a couple of locally made products, some worked really well. Others not to much, but it’s always so sastisfying when you find that one local product that makes you say “This is it!!”

    • Patsy Mugabi

      These are my exact two cents with Saru Organics!I love love love!It also got me thinking how I should consider making my own product.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Girl.I know your hair is saying a big thank you to investing in the brand.

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