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Happy Fathers’ Day!

Are you an avid lover of podcasts? That’s what we’ll be reviewing in just a bit.

You are special on the blog today if you are a dad or have an amazing father figure. I acknowledge that having a child doesn’t necessarily make you a father! Big shout out to the males who are father figures in practice and theory.

I have a quick roundup of podcasts I have listened to so far this month. If there are podcasts you think, I should listen, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

I really hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts.

To kick-start, us is George Mpanga. The name is pretty simple, unlike some podcasts I know.His podcast is called,

 “Have you heard George’s Podcast?”.

Quick fact; George the Poet, is of Ugandan heritage. He is a renown London based spoken word artist. George recently started this podcast that delves into solving life issues. Unlike many podcasts, this one offers us the listeners fresh perspective on various topics such as; Father -son relationships, businesses you name it.

This is  generally one of the most interesting and well-produced podcasts I’ve listened to. Many podcasts have the host’s personality as their cutting edge. However, this one has a knack for selling the audience everyday life problems. George The Poet does it in a conversational manner with undertones of poetry.

 Another amazing one on my list of podcasts for fathers and sons is,

Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness.

I remember when I first stumbled upon this podcast. It was on his Youtube channel. I have been hooked ever since. Here are the episodes  I recommend  listening  to with your favorite male figure;

EP 646 How to Be the Jedi Master of Overcoming Stress;Need I say more?Your mental health matters!

EP 642 Love Versus Ego is where Taye Diggs dishes out how to strike a balance between the two, especially for you males. I will not even spill any  juicy details;

EP 643 Show the World Your Greatness with Trent Shelton

Get your sensei on and leave the mojo jojo fear factor behind. This conversation is a great way to start your week. This is one of those podcasts that can really help you go through the Monday-est of Mondays. This episode is exactly what the title suggests to be. It is nothing short of self-embracing, refreshing and great.

EP 622 Love Everyone Always with Bob Goff

Just like the book, this conversation is great when comes to relationships especially with unlovable people. It is an intricate mix of all relationships. Some of which  I didn’t know so much until now.

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  1. These sound fantastic. *sigh, if only I could manage the attention span for podcasts. I’ll come back to this post once I have a car and I can listen to podcasts in jam.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      No pressure! Also the inner me dedicates my fave jam;”Genda Ogule Motoka”

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