Men changing the hair Game- Hair by Zzwiwa

Guys, let’s talk about one of the men changing the hair game. Shall we?

By the way, this is not only in Uganda but in East Africa. The entire continent should watch the space soon.

I am hoping the suspense thing could have worked except the title gives it away. Look at you going back to read the title. Before I tell you all about the freebies from Zziwa.Here’s a quick interview to help us get to know him a little better.

I had the opportunity to meet him and interview him with one of my favorite Girlbosses Rowena. We both have freebies for you. She has also written a review on her blog. Be sure to pass by and read all about Zziwa, the man changing the hair game for both naturals and relaxed sisters.

Who is Zziwa? (If you were a hair type, what would describe you best ?)

Definitely kaweke (4c natural hair).I love versatility and love to go with the flow! Some days you wake up and Feeling good. On other days not so much; but still go with the flow. This is the same with Kaweke.

Care to share what is the fun part of the hair by Zziwa brand?

I can guarantee you that we are one of the leading hair care service providers because of the amazing feedback. This is a saloon where a client is allowed to complain or freely express their dissatisfaction.

We thrive on challenging the status quo of poor hair maintenance and more importantly winning our customers’ trust.

Real talk!Natural Hair or chemical hair? If you had to pick one to work on, what would it be (no pressure )?

Here are a few behind the scenes snapshots.


(Laughs away) Obviously natural hair. For starters,  not many male stylists work on natural hair.

The competition for relaxed hair is quite stiff.

Honestly, I have grown to appreciate the versatility of natural hair.

Natural hair has been labeled as hard to manage, unprofessional and shabby by some. So why did pick interest in caring for natural hair?

To tell you the truth, it was by mistake. Personally, I have a sensitive scalp. The thought of bearing the pain of repairing my locs is unbearable.

Both kids and adults with natural hair share a common denominator of painful experiences when it comes to hair. That is a challenge that motivates me to do what I do with my hair.

Also, I  like non-conventional things. In fact, the shabby look is my thing. Just like organized noise,(music) I love organizing shabby hair.

Is it your deliberate choice to have more males working on hair in your salon?

Not really. I saw this question coming. Actually, there are two reasons to explain that; preference and demand by clients.

Also, the guys are more flexible when it comes to the work hours considering the security situation here in Kampala.

Congratulations on your Hair by Zziwa products. Which one is your fave among those that have been launched?


First of all, thank you. That’s a tough one. These products are all my babies. The final products are my favorite among the samples I had. The oil is the peoples’ favorite. It is an infusion of all essential oils.

I  can also say there are a  lot more products coming your way. Currently in the pregnant stage and soon to get in lunch mode.

Care to share any words of advice to those you inspire to change the hair game?

(I loved this  quote on the board of the salon your problems are still few if you’re praying in English)


One thing and one thing only. Be crazy. Do things you love that people may consider crazy. The higher the risk, the higher the return. If it’s a hit, its a hit or sometimes it’s a miss. After completing my bachelors in computer science, I decided to become a hair stylist. My parents called me crazy. Voila! look at this crazy now!

There you have it peeps. Right from the horses’ mouth.

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Photography by Makobi Photography.

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