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Happy new month loves!

We are still having the conversation on men changing the hair game. Do you remember Mugabi Byenkya, whose book we reviewed here? What an honor to have him here to delve further in this conversation.

1. Tell us who Mugabi Byenkya is among the men changing the hair game?

 I was born in Nigeria to Ugandan-Rwandan parents and have maintained my foreigner status my whole life. I wear many hats as a writer, a poet and a business consultant amongst others.

Most importantly, however, Mugabi Byenkya is a friend to so many beautiful souls. I definitely use my natural hair to express myself and to challenge hegemonic narratives.

(I honestly keep telling you guys to get a Mugabi in your life.)

2. When and why did you decide to natural?

Before he answers; I just want to say that Mugabi Byenkya is really among the men changing the hair game. Doesn’t this photo suggest this?

I’ve been natural my whole life! It’s all I’ve ever known, my inspiration for being natural is the beautiful black bodies I grew up with.

3. What issues or reservations if any, do you have about hair products for men?

My main issue with hair products for men is the branding which reeks of toxic masculinity. Mugabi Byenkya couldn’t have said it better.

Hair is not inherently gendered yet the amount of times I see hair products for men marketed as unnecessarily aggressive or other stereotypically unhealthy masculine traits is disheartening.

Wow, Mugabi Byenkya is about to sitch up the hair game, especially for hair products.

4. Do you have bad hair days? How do you fix it?

I do have bad hair days!
Depending on climate especially my hair can look a hot mess sometimes. That’s why I never leave home without my comb/Afro pick in my back pocket to manage any messy hair situations. (I think it’s a thing for all men who are changing the hair game.)

5. Rumour has it some men have a hair goal? Do you have any?

Hands down Wole Soyinka!

6. If not, have you considered coloring your hair or cutting it? (What would you do if hair got boring for you)?

 I do cut my hair semi-regularly (cutting your hair doesn’t mean you’re not natural!) and love trying out new and different haircuts & beard cuts that complement my facial structure. I’ve never dyed my hair but I’m definitely considering it! And I do rock a wig on occasion 😉

7. We have come all this way in our interview; we cannot let you leave without you sharing your fave products!

First and foremost; Botanical skin works natural man beard conditioning oil. This is a vegan/organic/all natural/ethically made beard oil containing:  Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, West Indian bay, Lime, Rosemary
, Sandalwood.
Secondly, Sweet Leaf Bayo Co. Bluegrass Beard Balm. This is a vegan/organic/all natural/ethically made beard balm, containing: Shea butter, Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Virginia cedarwood oil, Bay oil, Lime oil.
Fresh out of the oven, these are Mugabi Byenka’s go-to hair products currently. So if you’re considering changing your hair game, this is all the tea you need.

8.Lastly, what essential hair advice do you have for males starting their natural hair journey/ or wish you would have known as you were starting out?

Don’t be afraid to experiment! I’ve found with hair care, it’s very much a to each their own situation.  Depending on the curl pattern, texture etc. everybody has different needs. In my case, since I’m balding my hair requires different care than my beard does 🙂
Feel free to engage him on his social media; Twitter – @mugabsb, Instagram – @mugabsFacebook – @mugabsb
Thank you Mugabi Byenkya for your kind words. Don’t stop changing your hair game at least until your brand breaks the internet.
Photo credit; Mugabi Byenkya.
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