BTS! Suicide ,Depression & Anxiety-Jaaziyah Satar

Today, I am particularly honored to have a Fellow Stratizen, Jaaziyah Satar who is sharing about Suicide, Depression & Anxiety. She is kickstarting us off a new series dubbed  (BTS)Bold type Series. This looks at women boldly sharing their stories on pertinent issues plaguing our millennial world.

1. Apart from being a recently published author, what else should we know about you?

My name is Jaaziyah. I’m 22 years old. I’m studying law but I’m also a writer, poet, published author and as of recently a mental health advocate.

2. In simple terms, How do you even define mental health/mental illness?

Well, a simple google search will tell you that it is a disorder that affects moods, thinking, and behavior.

3. What motivated you to speak out openly on mental health issues?

(This is inclusive of on Suicide, Depression & Anxiety.)

Simply put, I got tired/fed up with feeling so hopeless; knowing that there were other people who felt the way that I do which did not settle well with me. So one day I just wrote a piece on it and performed it.

(This is where it all began !)

4. What’s your take on the stigma behind mental health disorders?

It’s unnecessary but understandable; we tend to believe that if we ignore something it doesn’t exist. Same situation with the stigma around mental health; such as Suicide, Depression & Anxiety.

5. How were you able to bring up the conversation about mental health with family and friends?

It sort of happened accidentally – I more or less addressed the whole situation in a FaceBook post when I was 19. I never talk to people directly about my mental health (episodes and such) but usually, I open up via my poetry or on my social media (rants).

(She has deep content on Suicide, Depression & Anxiety)

6. Do trigger warnings actually help? Have you considered using them as you put up your content?

Yes and yes. Particularly with my pieces addressing suicide and eating disorders.

7. We have come all this way in our interview; we cannot let you leave without you telling us what keeps you going in spite of the vulnerability associated with your content!

( Let the visuals do the talking! This video is so raw.)

I did have to educate myself – YouTube and Google are your best friends when you overthink.

(Please say this louder for those in the back; Especially for mental health issues such as  Suicide, Depression & Anxiety)


8. Lastly, what essential advice do you have for those starting their journey as mental health ambassadors / or wish you would have known as you were starting out?

When you start off, especially if you’re also dealing with mental illnesses, you’re under the impression that you know a lot because of your experiences – which is true but also false – your experiences do not dictate another person’s experience/journey with their disorder(s).

Be open-minded and strong because it is a long, emotionally, mentally and spiritually draining process.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! All the juice on suicide, depression, and anxiety from Jaaziyah Satar. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Feel free to interact with her across all social media; Jaaziyah.

Photo credit; Jaaziyah.



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