BTS Series-Fight Like A Girl Campaign

PinkTober has come to an end and I am ecstatic to share all the tea on the Fight Like A Girl campaign. First of all, thank you for being patient with me as I reset up the site after accidentally deleting it. (Major thanks to my friends). If you’re new here, we’re wrapping up on a blog series dubbed  (BTS)Bold type Series. It looks at women who dare to challenge the status quo and continue to thrive on challenges. I have my girl Foi Wambui aka Cotton Candy, here today to share on our collaboration of the fight like a girl campaign. (She is like cotton candy on a rainy day of you’ve read Nikki Giovanni’s poetry. Thank me later.)

I know that today is an opportune moment to share a Halloween post except I prefer talking about a touchy subject; Breast Cancer awareness.

Quick Fun Fact.

Nobody is too young to get breast cancer. Regardless of one’s family history with breast cancer, all women are at risk. And the men, you’re in this as well. You are also at risk as well.

1. Care to share what the Fight Like A girl Campaign entails?

We are creating awareness for every 20 something year old or more to have their breasts checked on a monthly basis regardless of the size or the sex of the person.

2. What really inspired us to do the Fight Like A Girl campaign?

Well, us girls just want to have FUN…Fundamental health care. That’s for starters.

Have you ever been so late, you decide to just take your time instead? That’s exactly where we were at with Foi before we got to collaborate. (It’s been a long time coming).But Pinktober presented itself as an opportune moment for us to spill our creative juices and create awareness on breast cancer. Basically, each one had to reach one to kickstart this fight like a girl campaign.

(B)east assured that no boobies were harmed in the making of this content.

3.  Now that the month has ended, does this mean the Fight Like A Girl Campaign has come to an end as well? If not, Is there we can join in this contribution?

For starters; like all black lives, your breasts do matter! Get them checked. We are rooting for you to do it. As per the correlation of black lives and breasts, let me know in the comment section. But seriously, this can be included on your list of budget-friendly things to do before this year ends.

Not only that but also, sharing coping mechanisms if you’re a survivor with those around you. In as much as one may face physical limitations when battling breast cancer, your mind is still strong. Insert quote;” you are gold, solid gold.”

3.  For those of us who don’t know, what the least favorable part during the Fight like a girl campaign?

I mentioned that it was a touchy subject earlier yes. I would share all the visual content but my face would be trending as a meme across various social media. My facial expressions were punctuated with exclamation marks. Other than that, it was pretty exciting.

6. Lastly, what essential advice do you have for those joining the Fight Like A Girl Campaign?

Feel the fear and do it anway.Us girls are changing the world, one step at a time. Read as ( one breast at a time). There you have it ladies and gentlemen, all the juice on our Fight Like A Girl campaign.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Feel free to interact with Foi across all social media; (Foi Wambui)




  1. “Have you ever been so late, you decide to just take your time instead?” Definitely me😂, wow for long women have ignored breast cancer, i personally have ignored getting myself checked, but this is an awakening call. Thanks for making the stone softer.

  2. Daaaaamn queen! I wish you could meet the founder of TWAKUTUKUZA – Doris Mayoli. She could give you more pointers on cancer and healing!

    This is one of the many collabos to come I hope. Seeing you two together puts a smile on my face.

    Keep the fire burning, and DO NOT fret on submitting late. It’s never too late to drop some gold into lives!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Oh wow! You are a heaven sent, you know! I reach out to Doris Mayoli pretty soon on the same subject matter. Thank you .
      It means a lot that you dropped by!

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