Hacks for travelling with natural 4C hair(No braids).

Guys, I am literally glowing as I write this first post on Blogmas where we are talking about hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair. Regardless of the means, plane, train, bus or submarine, When it comes to traveling with your natural hair, the journey is as simple or as complicated as you make it. I, however, hope that these hacks work for you as efficiently as they do for me.

Caveat; Blogmas is blogging every single day of December.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

1. Plan everything beforehand.

This comes first on the short list of hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair. Unfortunately, it is also one where I slack the most. I am a sucker for spontaneity, like what is planning? Do not tell me about the high school anthem, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. However, I do make lists. Know all the tools like brushes and products you intend to carry. Am I the only one who wishes that every ticket we buy when traveling would come with some coconut oil to tame all the frizz?

2.Traveling with small size products

This is one of the most life-saving hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair especially when it comes to the weight of your luggage. For the people who will be traveling over long distances and feel the need to carry shampoo, please I insist do not. Simply use some Dry Shampoo (I recommend one from ORS  available at Eve and Nico Stores in Uganda.If you are in Kenya, try any Super Cosmetics branch.) Or you can simply use co-wash. (If I am being brutally honest)This is the only product I use from Cantu that works for my hair. Remember, what may work for me, may not be the same for you and vice versa). However, I think this is too bougie for a twenty-something like me traveling on a budget.

You can also get your products in a travel size. But if you are like me, balling on a budget then simply recycle your clear containers to carry your products and place them in a clear ziplock bag, so that it doesn’t spill all over your luggage.

3. Do A Pineapple Updo.

Definitely, this is my fave when it comes to hacks for traveling with natural 4c hair. In case you are wondering what a pineapple updo is; it is basically centering your gorgeous mane on your head. This is the quickest way to sleep on that bus ride or flight.

Btw, out of my sheer curiosity, has any of you ever been stopped so your hair can be part of these endless security checks?

Pineapple Updo -Unsplash

4. Tame the frizz.

I cannot stress how important it is to tame the frizz. If you have to forget anything else I have written above, please remember this one; It is one of the most important hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair. Please tie a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase to retain the moisture in your hair and prevent that disheveled musty hair look. In fact, what if hotels, buses, planes provided for us complimentary satin scarfs when traveling? Okay, I have to patent this idea, it’s the bomb dot com. Do you know of any places that are doing so already?

If the place your traveling to is really humid, I recommend using a super strong gel to tame the frizz. This is not a sponsored post, but Auntie Jackie’s is the real deal. I am also yet to experiment with normal petroleum jelly or Vaseline to do mini-twists, twists outs and the like to serve the same purpose. (Anybody else wants to experiment with me?)

There you have it guys! Four easy hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair. Is there any that works for you that I have missed out on the list of hacks for traveling with natural 4C hair? Please do share with me in the comment section below.

See you tomorrow same time. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.




    • Patsy Mugabi

      I cannot wait to hear which one works for you . Thank you Carrelle for making the time to read this post.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I believe they work on all lengths.I have seen a pineapple do on short hair but it looked painful.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      You can definitely say that again. I cannot wait to hear the results of the vaseline. Thank you for dropping by Adrine.

  1. Am a pineapple head type of person when I travel. I also struggle to travel size hair products in stores 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I relate to the struggle. Pineapple up do’s always save the day! Thank you for sharing your two cents, Sharon.

  2. Esther N T

    Nice read! Thanks for tips. I am too hesitant to leave my hair out for a long time but this makes me want to consider lowering my guard.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I stand with you on that choice!Let’s do it, Esther, thank you for sharing your honest thoughts on this.

  3. Ha!! the way my travel sleeping patterns are setup… I can only have tuts or large twists for travel. Add kids to the equation and large tuts win! Thx for sharing these awesome travel hacks

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I am also a large lover of chunky twists. Thank you for stopping by and sending sunshine Kyomm.

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