How to deal with negativity on social media

Guys, I am totally ecstatic to have an honest conversation on how to deal with negativity on social media. We are all on social media for one reason or another and the most common denominator is growing a brand. The more your audience grows, the greater the likelihood of negativity brewing on your social media, the big question is when?

This is what works for me when it comes to how I deal with negativity on social media. We won’t delve into what causes it because, at the end of the day, haters are going to hate! Write or wrong? Yes, I wrote write instead of right, as a prompt to let me know your honest thoughts in the comment section.

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1. Don’t delete.

I know this is not the response you were hoping for in terms of dealing with negativity on social media. But this is also the most important thing I have to learn. Do not get me wrong. This is an opportunity for your audience or online tribe to come and send sunshine your way. Together you can address the subject of on this space where people communicate with you and also about you.

However, you can hide or delete comments when you feel the need to especially when it’s spam. One can also resort to disabling tagging ability across various social media. Not many social media pages have the option of moderating comments except for blog posts. Do you know any sites that allow for moderation apart from blogs?

2. Toddler syndrome or  Ignore it altogether.

I cannot stress how important this is when it comes dealing with negativity on social media. For your sanity’s sake, ignore the malicious individuals and protect your inner peace. Eventually, they will go and find someone else to bother.

Let me delve into the toddler syndrome. I am blessed to have quite a number of nieces and nephews. Have you noticed when children hurt themselves, their first instinct is to look around first before deciding whether the well waters flow? It’s funny when we grow things do not change, so people jump from one thing to another especially when it comes to being passive-aggressive. Now, in case you are wondering what to do,  next if they do not go away?


One must exercise a degree of caution when responding as a way to deal with negativity on social media. I am still learning this one and in fact, one should resort to this if and only if you have a good counter-argument that contributes to the growth of your brand. Then, by all means, do not hesitate to engage. A simple example of this can be;

“You get to make decisions for you, and I do the same for me. I guess if we ever switched roles , we’d probably be very unhappy. ”

This is such a drop mic moment. Did you feel that?

4. Be vulnerable

This is quite unbelievable I know. But it could also be the easiest way to deal with negativity on social media. I must echo do this in a relatable aspect. Do not feel the need to explain yourself too much. Especially when you are really pursuing something unconventional Like creatives i.e., writers, actors, poets you name it who may not necessarily be Maya Angelou or Oprah Winfrey or any renown creatives.

There you have it, folks, 4 easy ways you can deal with negativity on social media. Is there anything I have left out below, please let me know how you handle negativity on social media in the comment section.




  1. Woow, thank you for the tips Patsy. I rarely encounter the negativity but when I do i tend to ignore it because guess what, some people feel better when they make others feel bad about themselves so when you dont respond, you will have won. Lovely post

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I could not have said it better Carrelle.It reminds me of the saying silence is golden. However, ignoring it may not always work though I have come to learn.

  2. I love the photos on here!

    These are great tips! Ignoring works best, especially if it’s like a personal attack. I only respond when there’s a difference of opinion that has been expressed respectfully. This hasn’t happened to me (yet) but if someone is verbally abusive, those ones I would delete and block.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Delete and block without any secondary hesitation for those ones. Ignoring also can go a long way but not for long.Thank you for sharing your two cents P.

  3. First of all… wow! What a piece..your argument on dont delete and toddler are really smart and insightful !!!! I regret not reading your blog posts .. to that effect I am your newest subscriber and number 1 fan😊

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