Hair that pays back with Talia Fros

This fifth day of blogmas I am ecstatic to share about hair that pays back with Talia Fros. In case you are looking for a lazy girl hairstyle or natural extension then Talia Fros is your plug.

Before we even start this discussion, most of you have been asking me for feedback on this question. Talia Fros is the expert so let her do the talking.

FAQ; How bad are hair extensions for my scalp?

For now, I’ll only talk about what Talia Fros trades in and that’s the clip in extensions. Clip-ins are extremely versatile but as there’s also  good with the bad ;

  • They can’t be worn for long periods of time and need to be removed before.
  • As the clips are somewhat bulky, they may not be suitable for excessively thin hair hence could create irritation due to the metallic make of the

(Now back to the most important part of today)

Who is the beauty and brains of Talia Fros?

There is not much to tell. I am a 24-year-old lady that considers herself innovative. I enjoy creating unique brands. Having graduated, I came back to settle in my home country, Uganda, to build my empire. As stiff as the job market was, I was not ready to have to live from pay cheque to pay cheque, let alone have to build other peoples empires yet I know I can own my own.

Talk about queening. So what motivated Talia Fros?

Talia Fros was mainly started with pressure from my friends early this year. Actually, Talia Fros is a second born to my babies of three. The first is a cleaning company called Jova cleaners. Maquillage Uganda, is the third company,  a new makeup online store that is also yet to be launched.

Is the behind the scenes of Talia Fros going to be exclusive to us? What is the backstory?

About the name, ‘Talia’ was my high school nickname (still holds till today) and adding ‘fros’ was the flare that floated everyone’s boat hence the name Talia Fros. Talia Fros is an affordable natural hair extensions brand and expand the line while at it.

The first sale aka when Talia Fros made history

I was at a friend’s birthday and a mutual friend asked me to buy her a drawstring afro puff from wherever I bought mine from. I looked for them in Kampala in vain. Eventually, it dawned on me that no hair company in Uganda makes our natural hair in weft form, most if not all is for “relaxed” hair and even when I reached out to the various companies, they did not seem to get the picture of what product I actually wanted. More to this, the products were made of synthetic fibre. Once I crossed that out I tried to look for shops that have human hair wefts and it was also the same story, they mostly imported wefts that were straight hair..

How true is it that hair extensions are uncomfortable?

Before I started using those at Talia Fros, they were quite uncomfortable. I do not know if the people who read this will be able to relate to this: You know when you get your weave done and the itching starts on day 2,.Or when one has a dry scalp and flakes arise due to the pulling and you almost want to rip off your closure while moisturising.

Since I hoped on the wagon of clip ins and drawstring puffs which are the same quality as those sold on Talia Fros, I wish I knew then what I know now, extensions’ discomfort would have never been a story in my life. I strongly speak for the extensions at Talia Fros, with reference to the reviews from previous clients, that those at Talia Fros are comfortable and easy to attach.

So what are the ones from Talia Fros made of?

The larger part of Talia fros is made of Brazilian Human hair. Only the draw string puffs line is made from premium synthetic fibre which is at the border line of human hair. We are working towards an upgrade of drawstring puffs to make them human hair. However, this will come with a price increase on the line which we are trying to minimise. We will keep you posted when we do upgrade.

I am curious; When do I know it’s time to wash my hair extensions?

Depending on how much product you use in your hair and extensions, topping up how many times you use them, I recommend a wash for every 7 to 10 wears expecially for the clip ins and wigs. For the draw string puffs from Talia Fros, I’d say wash when you must since its made of synthetic fibre at the moment.

 Will dying my hair extensions from Talia Fros ruin them?

Definitely not, for the clip-ins and wigs. You can manipulate the color and style in to anything and wont get ruined as long as you know what you are doing. As previously mentioned, the drawstring puffs from Talia Fros are synthetic therefore they would get ruined when bleached/colored

How many clip extensions from Talia Fros do I need to achieve a full hair look?

For a full look, I recommend 2 bundles. However, I always encourage my clients to start with one bundle and see how it works out for them. Most of them usually come back for the second just to achieve more

Can I go swimming with my hair extensions from Talia Fros?

I personally have never done so with them. But like all hair, chlorine is not good for even our God-given hair. I’d say yes you can swim in it but endeavor to give it a thorough wash and condition right after

Are hair extensions from Talia Fros worth the money?

Yes, especially the ones from Talia Fros are worth every shilling. You don’t find unique items that have amazing quality at such a minimal price. Think about not having to go the saloon, and all you just need to do is get either the softening set or the anti-thinning set from Kentaro handmade organics to wash and condition your hair and your clip ins or attach your drawstring puff on to your hair in order to have a different look every week better yet every morning.

You can get them at a discount too.

Last but not least, is there any essential hair advice do you have for those starting their entrepreneurial hair journey/ or wish you would have known as you were starting out?

For those starting their entrepreneurial hair journey, take each day at a time and be willing to learn. Quality is extremely paramount and so is customer feedback, the two go hand in hand. Research while you try.

Don’t overwhelm yourselves, you have a support system of either friends or family or even both to guide and show you what works and what doesn’t. As I was starting out, I didn’t see myself reach this far but here I am. Currently, what we have in stock is clip-ins, wigs, and other hair accessories like bendy rollers. The Talia Fros night hair bag that is yet to be launched on the line later this year. More is coming for both you and I just hold the vision and trust the process.

There you have it all the juice you need on hair that pays back with Talia’s Fros. Find them across all social media at Talia Fros. Got any questions or remarks? Do leave them in the comment section. See you tomorrow!

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