Festival outfits that look good on everybody

This is yet another amazing day of blogmas and I am ecstatic to share with you all the details on outfits that look good on everybody. Like I mean this in the literal sense;  they will look good on every body.

The best part of this post is that you can recreate any of these looks straight from your wardrobe without necessarily buying new stuff!


This is number one on the list of outfits that look good on everybody. I know you are wondering; like T-shirts seriously. One quick hack is to simply roll up your sleeves. You can even sew them up. I know for sure it looks a lot more flattering.

Rocking a tee from the Justified Ecstasy collection

I also learned another hack of tying a knot with a rubber band at any corner of the shirt just like you do with your own hair. The next question then is whether to tuck in or not. I am such a sucker for tucking in. Another way to use the hack I shared earlier is pretty useful when it comes to tucking in.

Tees are available at 25000UGX /1000KES. Place your order here.

Now, if you don’t love tucking in: then here’s something you might love:

Off shoulders.

A must have and second on our list of outfits that look good on everybody. As a baby doll dress or a blouse; as an off-shoulder, it  helps accentuate your upper body and some forgotten body features like the neck. It is perfect for that tea party(Yes guys it is a thing), barbeque or generally family get together. Just like skater skirts, off shoulders help hide our not-so-flat tummies and take away all those bad vibes when it comes to that issue.

Lime Green Halo Off Shoulder from the Justified Ecstasy Collection.

Off shoulders are available at 30000UGX /1000KES. Place your order here.


This is the one thing that makes your outfit go from basic to bougie. It is a bit expensive but a worthwhile investment. Little wonder it is second on our list of outfits that look good on everybody. Leather jackets are such a vibe and you may even look like a biker chic. BTW out of curiosity is there anyone among us that rides a motorbike because I am in dire need of classes!

Honestly, guys tell me what looks badder (Yes, it is a word that I use, I just made it up and no you won’t judge me ) than a basic tee, a classic belt, some ripped jeans, and a leather jacket)



Well, at three on our list of outfits that look good on everybody is jumpsuits. If you do not own one, you should get one because it is such a life saver, it can be worn literary to any event. It is my go-to when I am told that I should dress to kill.

If you own one already well, it’s hella cute except for when it’s time to take a lick or the English lady in me says time to powder your nose. You have to strip it all down and wear it again and then look cute again.

Rocking a jumpsuit and cape from Justified Ecstasy Collection

African necklace cape available at 30000UGX /1000KES. Place your order here.


Now my Kenyan friends say this word in a way that isn’t favorable for my Ugandan people. I should insert a voice note. But, last not least and most importantly on our list of outfits that look good on everybody is kitenge. I love the versatility of this fabric. It awakens the Black Panther in me. I mean wa-kanda vibes (what kinda vibes) do you get when you wear it? It is perfect for everybody because it adds the perfect amount of color to your wardrobe and also embraces our African identity.


Is there anything you love or dislike on this list our list of outfits that look good on everybody? What has your experience been? Share with me by commenting below.




  1. I really like your list of outfits and I have noticed how my outfits come together when i add a leather jacket. It just ups the look a whole notch higher. Nice read👌

  2. it is not clear how to order for the tees…the link only takes me to your instagram page. how, from whom do we purchase the tees…

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Apologies for that Cordellia, I am still finalizing the shop part on the blog. For now, one can place an order via my DM so we can arrange to communicate in a more efficient manner.

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