Ultimate gift guide for him(50+ ideas)

Considering this a blog for everyone in the ’20s (at least for now), this is a special blog post for the guys because I am sharing the ultimate gift guide for him.  And after this, guys, please tell how you are feeling left out on this blogmas!

I am excited about this blogmas post because this will come handy long after the holidays come to an end and birthdays start showing up or when we start celebrating anniversaries you name it.

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My rant on the ultimate gift guide for him.

Have you ever asked a guy what to get him for his birthday and he blurts out nothing? But then he’s busy signaling how loves a game or gadget or something, fellas please let’s leave all that in 2018 and communicate! You can’t start sharing in the comment section below.

I mean unless you guys aren’t tired of the mundane gift collection which comprises a watch, cologne, an engraved pen, a planner or coffee machine(Okay that one is for when I am a rich girl ). Anyway, how this ultimate gift guide for him will work is by categorizing things guys love and their most dominant traits.

For the significant other/husband or boyfriend

The ultimate gift guide for him will definitely spell out love. Essentially what love looks like for the both of you. For some, it looks like new underwear. Don’t judge. For others it’s a new shirt, tie and matching cufflins! For me, its quality time; so, we get to go to the spa, get massages for two, go bungee jumping together, zip lining together forever okay let me stop there! You get the gist of it.

For the tech-savvy guys

Now, the ultimate gift guide for him can be the latest electronic gadget or game or fit beat

collection. Btw what is it with guys and gadgets? I vividly remember when I was growing up, guys didn’t hustle as much as we did when it came to getting a  new release of a phone or music gadget! Care to share how you do it?

For the DIY Lovers

Wow! These particular people are my kind of people. The ultimate gift guide for him can be filled with things you love about him or list of places you can travel together in a jar or a wooden photo frame of a poem for him or generally anything that complements your aesthetic feel.

For the creative type

I know how this sounds but these guys are also my kind of people. The ultimate gift guide for him can spell out artsy or how much a mad creative he is. This looks like a sketchbook, a camera bag or lens if he is a photographer, a new canvas if he is a painter.

Btw, I recently spoiled myself to buying a smartphone lens collection that I know I will not even use and may end up gifting one of my male friends. If you are reading this, now that you know please act surprised!

For the adventurous one.

.Get him something that spells adventure. I think that is the ultimate gift guide for him I have a crazy idea; Perhaps buying tickets!P lane or concert!  If you’re my friend and you are reading this, let’s not even talk about it! I will be sure to refer to this post when my husband and I get hitched, then and only then will I share about the plane tickets I bought him. But generally, when traveling he can use headphones or a scratch map of destinations he has traveled to so far.

For the bookworm

Moving on swiftly to another group or my kind of people is the guy that loves books aka a bookworm. The ultimate gift guide for him away from a new book can be a fully paid monthly membership at a book club. Speaking of which, I am on the search for a new book club in Kampala and Nairobi! Share with me in the comment section!

Okay, guys, I would go on and on about the ultimate gift guide for him but honestly, I have to go write another amazing blogmas post.

I would love to hear your amazing thoughts on what to include in the ultimate gift guide for him in the comment section.


    • Patsy Mugabi

      Even I do that ! But the part for exchanging you guys seem to have a secret clan meeting of sorts. Thank you, Benjamin, for stopping by!

  1. Martin Wachira

    Great article there.Generally, one can buy him gifts like a watch, a belt, new pair of shoes, socks before you get to know him more and what he prefers for a gift. This fits well on a brother, friend or a lover. For the more personalized gifts, one can get hints from conversations ( what he passionately mentions in most of your talks), what he does for a hobby ( for instance if he’s a golfer, a new club will serve him well), the talent he has ( if he’s a footballer, new football boots will do), his career/business ( this may give many hints in the line of his career or business because he may passionately talk about an aspect of the business that may pave way for a gift idea).

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Wow Martin, you did not come to play!I love how you have delved into the intricate details of the different men out there.Thank you for stopping by !

  2. I belong to the nothing or anything group. Reason being growing up I had to always appreciate anything given to me that I didn’t hustle for, so any day anyone if you ask me what I want for my birthday the answer will be anything or I font know ‘nothing’

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I really still can’t believe you Yayo!But i also get where you are coming from!

  3. This was a nice read. Sounds like what you’re saying is you need to know a guy for you to pick the right gift, which I totally agree with. Anyone reading here, I like a nice watch 😉

    • Patsy Mugabi

      The thought always goes a long way when it comes to getting gifts!
      A Daniel Wellington watch perhaps!

      Than you Rwego for stopping by!

  4. This is really nice 🙌
    I definitely fall under the adventurous category (food included😂)

  5. Humphrey Akampumuza

    It’s really hard to get a guy what he would want exactly, for sure. But new underwear sounds great,hehe,(i recently got that). Though You could probably aim at getting him something more particular. From a label he likes, something affiliated to a personality he likes and this runs across all types of guys.
    If it helps to know for the lady readers, our expectations are never that high either, so really anything that seemed to take some effort will put some joy in our hearts.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      That is heart warming.I know for sure effort goes along way!I see you are a guy of particular labels!That’s a new hack .I have learned for sure.

  6. Humphrey Akampumuza

    Underwear 😂, I recently got that. These are all great ideas. Our expectations have never really been that high when it comes to receiving a gift from your (you know), because you don’t want to get a gift from her and give her a face, you have to be happy 😂.
    A tip though, would be something affiliated to a personality he likes, a footballer, an author, an artist, these guys all have associated products linked to them. Messi has a perfume under him, Cristiano has underwear, That would feel really special and would show some effort. I hope I haven’t left the ladies in dilemma on how they would get such in Uganda.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I think the article on how to ship things to Uganda would come in handy!Thank you Hum4 for stopping by and sharing your honest two cents

  7. Hezekiel Chege Waititu

    I personally love antique collections. Anything with a history. From a writing slope, to an inkwell, to Medieval English quills to Chinese cups.

    Text Book Centre usually have a bookclub. They meet once every Saturday to discuss their book of the month. You can check their website.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      You are such a plug Chege !You are interesting, I also like the though process that comes into antique collections.

  8. Definitively a tie or a shirt… Probably, some good quality time… Men want to be spoilt too. Great guide indeed.

  9. This is a really thoughtful post nyabo. I’m waiting to see whether people will follow up using this.

    Sidenote: I saw “smartphone lens” and freaked! I’ve wanted for some time before actually getting a camera!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I hear you Andrew!Thank you for stopping by as always!Maybe it will come in handy on your birthday!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Yes , communication is very key so you don’t end up with the usual collection.!

  10. Incredible, I wish my woman gets to see this one day when she comes, especially the creative part of it and the bookworm coz that describes me. Thanks for the blog

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I didn’t know that about you Ian.I hope you have shared with all the ladies in your contacts!Thank you for stopping by!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I wouldn’t doubt it Ninno, not will all that eye candy you have been sharing with us!Don’t stop until your brand breaks the internet.

  11. Ndaula James

    Depends on the guy’s interests or passion. I know I’d like perfume anyday. Even if its everyday, bring them all 😎

  12. Preference would be on being gifted something that I would need in the near future, if for example I will be traveling a lot in the next few months, a travel neck pilow or travel adapter would come in handy alternatively if you notice an item that is in dire need of replacement, being gifted that particular item wou be the ultimate.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      You had me on the unique part!It always goes back into the thought process behind it.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I keep telling different men the same thing!Thank you James for stopping by!

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