DIY Protective hairstyle -Chunky Twists

Guys I am particularly excited to share all the details on chunky twists, a DIY (do -it -yourself) protective style or like I say perfect style for a lazy natural.

Since it has been a long time coming especially for my Instagram family, I will not hesitate to share the technique, pros, and cons of this DIY protective hairstyle. If you need any help on creating a regimen, please direct message me on my Instagram or email me.

Technique for this DIY protective hairstyle

This is a hands-on DIY protective hairstyle that is pretty easy to do.

Simply start on clean hair to curb any itching. It can be in a shrunken state or stretched out but please refrain from using to much heat otherwise it will be cumbersome to plait.

Section the hair and plait three strands twists(locally known as bitutwa or matuta) that will be a  foundation for crotchet. ( I can’t believe myself, I typed foundation, but you get the point)

Pass the lace or crochet needle with the hair you will use for plaiting to secure it.

For this DIY protective hairstyle, I used Fluffy Kinky in a  black color. After passing the needle through the plaited sections of your hair, twist over it in a clockwise manner (right to left)

You can even add more hair to achieve your desired length.

Pros of this DIY protective hairstyle

It is super light and therefore easy to style. I am working on a styling video on YouTube once I can get past the technical issues.

It is easy to maintain. Simply sleep on a satin pillowcase or your satin bonnet to tame the frizz. You can also regularly moisturize your scalp with a black castor oil.

If you are keeping them for long, you can use dry shampoo. It is available at Beauty corner at 14000UGX and at Supercosmetics at 450 KES. Black castor oil is also available at 35000 UGX and at 850 KES.


Only two packets are needed. I used one and a half packets of kinky hair. I recently found out you can recycle them after cleaning them.

If you are living in the diaspora, this can also be your business and girl, I can’t wait for your gifted hands to prosper.

The older the kinky hair used in this DIY protective style, the nicer it looks.

Cons of this DIY protective hairstyle.

Over styling, it can make your front hair break.

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section.




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