Ultimate Gift Guide for Impossible people

Before I get into an ultimate gift guide for people that are impossible or generally hard to shop for, I would like to say a big hearty thank you to each one of you. Especially for the tremendous growth on this blog!  I am ecstatic to see how we have come together on this blog as the association of senior life eaters. One of you suggested in the comment section to do a gift guide for people that are impossible to shop for, so here it is!

My rant on the ultimate gift guide for these people

We all know someone or some  people who don’t feel the holiday season as much we as do.  Right?It reminds me of the movie Stone Cold Christmas.

First of all, because I do not have the courage to ask this in person: Why are you so difficult to shop for? Doesn’t the thought count? We, as members on of this loving blog family have got nothing to offer you but love. If you are new here ,you’re not late to the party ! We are 20 something-year-olds that are worthy of your acquaintance and friendship.

Okay, I have to stop here and get right into the ultimate gift guide for people who are difficult to shop for! If I miss anything out on the ultimate gift guide for people that are hard to shop for, don’t hesitate to share it with me  in the comment section below.

For everyone you know

Now, the ultimate gift guide for people whether they are young , old or in the middle can be something that is customized for them with their name or logo. We can also get out of the norm of doing this for pens, bracelets  and diaries and use the same on things we use on a daily basis such as bottles, vacuum /thermos cups. I have seen a few friends get calendars with their names! No, my friends can’t be you friends , especially if you have  not subscribed to this blog. Ok I am kidding or maybe ,I am not! Moving on swiftly to the next category of people!

For the parents or older friends

The ultimate gift guide for people like these can lean towards the historical aspects of life. Something antique like a tea set or those souvenirs as you travel from one country to another. Especially they keep complaining of how cold it gets or some people like me that need a lot of positive-tea like me! So an antique tea set or a customized mug will come in handy.

For the Long distance friend or relative

If you know me, you know I love traveling. In fact, if you’re down to travel with us on a budget or join us on hiking experience in Kenya or Uganda simply leave a comment in the section below so I can email you! So, the ultimate gift guide for people like us could be anything that essential for travelling like a neck pillow or sunscreen. I see you judging me , yes we have melanin and need sunscreen I will save all the details for another blog post.

For the trendy sibling

Before I get into this, my friend was arguing how blood is not thicker than water these days? I know he’s reading this and saying you know deep down its true! What do you think? The ultimate gift guide for them would be sunglasses. Their future is so bright and you need sunglasses! Angies Accessories is such a plug for unisex sunnies. And banage with the scorching heat in Kampala and Nairobi or even in summer, why would they not thank you for this!

For your girlfriends

Yes, fellas this is how you get the ladies! Anyway, on a serious note, the ultimate gift guide for them is pyjamas and customized tees.You can place an order for your tees by contacting me here. It can include a phrase or joke only you guys get! Not only will this grant you a good night sleep but also laughter is good medicine for the heart.

Okay, guys, I would go on and on about the ultimate gift guide for people that are generally hard to shop for but honestly, I have to go write another amazing blogmas post. I hear you saying where flowers are on this list! For these people, a long-term investment or something durable is highly recommended. You don’t believe me! Then, let me know why in the comments section!

I would love to hear your two cents on what to include in the ultimate gift guide for people that are impossible to shop for  in the comment section.


  1. Mellisa Ssanyu

    I’d definitely love to join in on the budget travel/hike trip. This post speaks volumes and has actually convinced me not to play the role of ‘grinch’ this Christmas.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      You won’t believe it Mels, I haven’t watched the movie Grinch yet! Travel details for the hike are coming to a blog post soon. Thank you for sending sunshine my way my sister.

  2. Racheal Atieno

    Thank you for this Patsy…… On the travelling on a budget…. I’m so interested

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I am definitely sharing all the details on the hike and travel with you Racheal.I am so excited girl!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you Kristen for dropping by! I have details for the one in Nairobi.I will be sharing soon. Are you interested in one for Uganda because Fay of the Khukyenda blog does them on a monthly basis?

  3. Incredible, I have also been asking what can get for. One person I know who is hard to get a gift. But thanks to you I now know what to do, am off to the stalls.

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