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Hey loves, today I am particularly ecstatic  to delve into what it means to be Gucci. But, if I am being brutally honest,I am even  more ecstatic to be here again.I know haven’t called or written in a while and for what it’s worth: it’s not you, it’s me ?(Guys,I have been practicing that line just to use it  on someone).Anyway ,back to the matter at hand which is :Be Gucci.

Be Gucci
Be Gucci

What does it mean to be Gucci?

Away from the label that spells va va voom quality ,what it really means to be Gucci is a global conversation that is very necessary for all of us as 20somethings.I got this idea after listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast ,an episode with Brene Brown, that talks about rising strong.It is here where she raises a clarion call for us to fail, learn and do it all over again.(Yes, you read that correctly).There’s something profound she shares that struck a chord within me:

Scars are easier to talk about than to show.What do you think?

Truth is we all have been hurt,  experienced failure or heartbreak you name it.And you know what, sometimes this hurt,failure or whatever it is happens when we have to make the right choice.

Of course, the right choice isn’t always the easiest choice; It’s either we end up hurting, offending or disappointing the people we love. Basically, Brene Brown shares how broken-hearted people are the bravest upon us. (I will explain why) ! She calls it the realization of us being who we’re really meant to be. So this is our baseline or what I mean when I say Be Gucci.

Be Gucci
Be Gucci

When is it relevant to be Gucci?

Honestly, I am glad you asked. A short backstory. I don’t know if you have heard, but there’s this militant group called Al-Shabab and they do this thing called terrorizing people. (I feel like they’re getting a lot of airtime by me saying their name on the blog, and this is not another haranguing post about their activities).

Anyway, last Tuesday these guys were at it again and man, it was one bloody scene.(Read with a heavy Ugandan accent).It left me in panic mode!My family and friends were at Riverside Park at the time it happened.It got me questioning, whether I would have the same reaction had they not been there at the time? (We’ll get back into this story in just a bit.)

So far ,we can agree that to be Gucci means doing life with people not being solo.(Solomon do you copy, this pun is intended just for you incase your name is Solomon).To be Gucci is the realization of how we are tied together because of our humanity although we get to pretend otherwise based on lines of tribe, social status or religion.

Comrades, “we can never be able to free ourselves from suffering until we ourselves are free.” This is what she shares, and I think its Gucci. So be Gucci.

Brene Brown
Be Gucci
Be Gucci

Back to the terrorist attack or how does Be Gucci “thing really work?

I will start by asking us to observe a moment of silence for the 21 people who passed.Since, you’ve been here for sometime, you know that fuels our relationship on this blog is subtle honesty.

Back to our story

Now, of course, my family back in Uganda are making calls to check in if I am alright and praising the Good Lord that I am.I, on the other hand, was asking Him, why I should give thanks for my life just because I wasn’t part of that statistic? (I know how ungrateful it sounds, but that was the space I was in!My feelings and yours are both valid).

It was a long conversation which ended in a mutual understanding that His ways are not mine and to praise Him even when it was hardest to do so. This is part of the Be Gucci process that Brene Brown describes as being connected to a greater power. For me, it’s God, for others, it’s the Universe but that’s not the topic at hand today. Simply put, to be Gucci is a process altogether.

What’s that be Gucci process about?

The Be Gucci process is a practice of turning our failures upside down, taking responsibility for our emotions instead of projecting them on people.(Just go back and read this sentence again, thanks)

Remember, when I mentioned failure earlier in this blog post? Did you guys know that there’s such a thing as a failure of courage? It sounds something like this “I wish I had done it another way”; In my case, I wish I wasn’t so stuck up on how many times I have failed as a friend or performing on stage , there’s a lot I wish I had done in another way.The worst part is it even takes much more energy when you’re holding onto the failure and this is where the realization of being Gucci comes in.

A hypothetical case of being Gucci.

(It may also be true, who knows?)So the Boyfriend plays this weak game called cheating. My default position to make stories up in my head of why he left me. Of course, I feel betrayed but in my mind’s eye, i need to survive in the face of this threat ,as I feel betrayed.

I start to think maybe I am not pretty enough. It’s not at the top of the list. There are so many things I want to say but I don’t want to sound like an angry feminist right now.This is the first stage we call the reckoning.

I am filled with shame, confusion, grief, I lose trust in him, I can’t seem to forgive him. This is what we call the rumbling and it’s the second stage.

Brene Brown mentions how the grief comes from a place where you are mourning the idea of what you thought it was.For example, in this case, perharps I thought we were going to get married. But we need to let it go and recreate our stories which brings us to the final stage.

The Revolution.

In order for something to be born , something has to die.In this case , for forgiveness to happen, I must let go of the grief.

Will it be easy, no and that is Gucci.Be Gucci!

Listen being Gucci (read brave) means you’re going to have to be in discomfort except for when you’re wearing the label but hey listen, you’ll always be a class apart. Leave everything but remember this.It is an entire process to Be Gucci.Here’s the summarized version.

Step 1 of our Be Gucci Process.

Reckoning. This is the recognition of the event. You have got to acknowledge it. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Brene Brown, says , it is the best measure of courage when someone expresses willingness to show up and be seen in any emotional state.

Step 2 of the Be Gucci process

Rumbling is the first story we make up where we view things from limited data points that we fill in with our conspiracies.I like how she says it.It’s a confabulation-A lie told with honesty.

Here’s three questions to ask in such a space;What do I know for sure?What do I know about other people in this story?What do I know about myself in this story?Be brave to clear those conspiracies) out with the people involved.

Step 3 of the Be Gucci process

In conclusion, the revolution is all about rising strong and also what it really takes to be Gucci. Yes, Rising strong was a plausible title for this blog post but be Gucci won.

Be Gucci

Or like Brene Brown says: Show up to the reckoning. Show up to hear the rumble. And finally, show up to your revolution.

That’s it pips! That’s what it takes to be Gucci! Now you know its not a monologue,also leave your honest two cents in the comment section.

Photography by Caleb Okumu at Ngong hills

Blessings and Bliss.


  1. Very well written Patsy. The part that got me is “how we can never be free from suffering until we ourselves are free.#deep

  2. Hanifah Mpaata

    Lovely Patsy.

    The whole bit feels alot like a stitch in time. Thank you for being Gucci enough to share this yourself. 😀

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Hanifah, my miss! I see what you did there! I am so grateful for you taking the time to be a part of this Gucci process! We are in this together.

  3. Valerie Phoebe😊

    Absolutely amazing ♥️ And beautifully explained. Great Job Patsy😊😊

    • Patsy Mugabi

      sis, all year on repeat!Thhank you Sonny Max for vibing with me on being Gucci.

  4. Andrew Kiwanuka Musoke

    Lovely piece Patsy! Many of us are often victims of voluntary oblivion to help us score a pre-existing narrative.
    It takes a lot of courage to see things objectively and I’m glad you’re already on the journey to do this with ease. Thanks for sharing.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Wowuuuuuu, this is Philosopher Pix embracing the Be Gucci process! Banage, I could not have said it better and thank you cannot suffice in this regard!

  5. Andrew Kiwanuka Musoke

    Lovely piece Patsy! Many of us struggle with voluntary oblivion as a means to achieving or preserving a certain narrative.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Pix, I see clearly we are related! Or should I say birds of feather flock together /1Thank you for supporting the dream!

  6. violet kataike

    …”taking responsibility for our emotions instead of projecting them on other people,”
    Sis, that hit home

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Vai, it was a hard pill for me to swallow! But baby girl, the award for supporting to the both of us! I love you!

  7. Be gucci in 2019, yeezZZ!!!!! . Our stars align yet again, I’m just from listening to that podcast ,serendipity huh?and Brene is such a gem, I concur with the thoughts you’ve relayed here.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Brene is a heaven sent for days! Moraa you are a precious soul!
      I am here for all of your be Gucci process! Sis send me the name of your podcast when you can.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Awww yes sis, you and I both sis!I am here for all of it!thank you Gee for loving on me.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      I hear you, Percy, provided you stay Gucci! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts!

  8. Being Gucci, embracing my scars. Not being ashamed of my scars, but being grateful to God that they symbolise that I indeed overcame. Thank you for this.

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Thank you,Kariuki for being such a support system!What a wow, this is the exact energy I am carrying with me for the rest of the year!

  9. Is it unserious of me that’s its the first time your writing has made it to my realization !!(Keep in mind ,am half the time absent minded..Wgat am trying to say is I enjoyed every bit of this blog post …I actually picked way more than I intended know more like shopping !!! Been practicing the “it’s me ,it’s not you and the other day I finally used it !!(The joy in it ,we can only drink to )
    Brilliant,Brilliant!!!! Loved every bit !!!!!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Andinda, you and I both! Girl I am here for the realization, for every single bit of it!
      The joy is truly an ineffable experience.
      Thank you for sending my way, Lyn.

  10. Sue Mbabazi

    First time here! And I have loved it 😍 am staying! Learnt some new pans. .. Hihi

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Sue, I am so excited to see you here! Will be sharing more hacks than puns !Thank you for stopping by!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      The best part is that we get to do this together.Thank you for stopping by P!

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