QUICK HAIR FIXES (under 5 minutes)

Ladies, I have been meaning to share a blog post on quick hair fixes! The best part is that for the looks I have put together is that takes roughly five minutes to style. I think it is right on cue for this love season because we are really trying to secure the bag and secure our hearts as well!. Let me know which one you will be trying out or feel free to message the outcome.

Romantically Twisted

This is one of my favorite hair fixes precisely because it screams less is more!All you need is to add a simple flower crown to add a romantic twist or falre to your gorgous mane!

Curl Frenzy

I think it has got the number one spot for quick hair fixes especially after a twist out or perm rod set!Rejuveunate your curly hair look by wearing it in a bun and pinning it neatly!I see you girl,Your mane is prospering !
Photo cred @Sheila Ndinda.

Remix Vibes

Remix Vibes is one of those quick hair fixes that comes in handy after your hair has shrunk so much that your clueless of what to do! But here’s a plausible solution!Either comb out into a neat fro or play around by tisting it and securing it with bobby pins.
WPhoto cred @musesuniform and @honoryourcrown

Wakanda -Ring

In my honest opinion, this is one of those quick hair fixes that redefines royalty especially when it comes to the crown of your head.Yes, sis that African touch goes a long way!

Straight Craze

If you’re a lazy natural then this will be one of your fave wuick hair fixes !All you have got to do is to brush or hold back your hair in a neat manner.

photocred @musesuniform

Pineapple Jam

Since I am being honest, this is one of my go-to quick hair fixes because I love a messy look! Not disheveled or anything but one that looks something like this! Also, an added advantage is it is really easy to maintain throughout the week!

There you have it guys.Share with me your thoughts on your quick hair fixes in under 5 minutes how to rock a short hair look in the comment section.


  1. Remix Vibe 😥😥😥. I have short hair,,, twist outs won’t work for me, but I’ll try them on my sister 😂😂😂. Thanks Mugabi

    • Patsy Mugabi

      Mwaniki you are such a support system!I know the short hair vibe and I love it!I shared a post on that as well!

    • Patsy Mugabi

      For you and I both sis, pineapple jam is thee one! Thank you for stopping by Chebet!

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